30 Best Christian Colleges for Education

By Kelsey Fox
March 2021

Lots of colleges and universities offer undergraduate degrees in education. But for Christian students in search of Christian schools, the decision is bigger than mere availability. 

That’s why Online Christian Colleges went on the search for the best Christian schools at which you can earn a bachelor’s degree in education or teaching. To come up with our ranking, we began by compiling a list of any and all Christian colleges and universities offering just such a degree. We then used the following points-based system to narrow down our list to just the 30 best. 

Annual Out-of-State Tuition:
$10,000 or Less — 5 points
$10,001 to $20,000 — 4 points
$20,001 to $30,000 — 3 points
$30,001 to $40,000 — 2 points
$40,001 to $50,000 — 1 point 

Annual Percentage of 20-Year Net Return on Investment (ROI):
9%+ — 5 points
7-8% — 4 points
5-6% — 3 points
3-4% — 2 points
1-2% — 1 point

Graduation Rate:
Above 90% — 5 points
Above 80% — 4 points
Above 70% — 3 points
Above 60% — 2 points
Above 50% — 1 point 

Student-to-Faculty Ratio:
5:1 and more — 4 points
10:1 and more —3 points
15:1 and more — 2 points
20:1 and more — 1 point 

Note: In the event of a tie in points, the higher ranking was given to the degree program with the lower annual tuition cost. All tuition numbers and other statistics are accurate as of March 2021.

#30. Berea College

Berea, Kentucky
Tuition: $45,092
Total Points: 6

Berea College offers 14 different certification programs through its Education Studies Department. These include elementary education, and secondary education in myriad subjects. Berea College is a liberal arts school so required coursework covers the philosophical and social aspects of education in addition to the practical. Students at Berea have access to a variety of teaching experiences, including a practicum and student teaching. Berea offers a student/faculty ratio of 10:1. It has a 68% graduation rate.   

#29. Texas Wesleyan University

Fort Worth, Texas
Tuition: $33,408
Total Points: 6

Texas Wesleyan University is home to a well regarded School of Education. Degrees include a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education and a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education, to name but two. Five certificates and certifications are also available. Regardless of their choice of education major, students pursuing education at Texas Wesleyan University can be sure they are gaining the hands-on experience necessary for classroom success. 

#28. Missouri Valley College

Marshall, Missouri
Tuition: $21,500
Total Points: 6

Missouri Valley College offers six bachelor’s degrees and one associate degree as part of its Division of Education. These include Early Childhood Education and Middle School Education among others. Students at Missouri Valley College have the additional option of earning teacher certifications in various areas of study. To build up their resume and their experience, students may choose to study abroad or conduct research. Student teaching opportunities are also part of the curriculum.

#27. Loyola University New Orleans

New Orleans, Louisiana
Tuition: $42,278
Total Points: 7

Loyola University New Orleans offers a Teacher Education program for undergraduate students. The program allows students to apply for certification in secondary education. To prepare for certified teaching in the state of Louisiana, students must major in one of five subjects. Options include Literature or a foreign language. Coursework is then divided between general education and the student’s chosen focus area. Potential classes include The Learner with Special Needs, and Classroom Management and Organization, to name but two. 

#26. Ohio Valley University

Vienna, West Virginia
Tuition: $22,550
Total Points: 7

West Virginia-based Ohio Valley University offers a number of undergraduate teaching degrees via its School of Education. Students may choose to focus on elementary education, or a specific subject for teaching secondary school. A minor in education is another option, as are certification programs in four subjects relating to special education. Two full-time teaching semesters are including in the curriculum, as are two sets of Praxis tests. We give Ohio Valley University high marks for its affordable undergraduate tuition, and its small class sizes. 

#25. Concordia College at Moorhead

Moorhead, Minnesota
Tuition: $43,266
Total Points: 8

Concordia College offers five majors through its education department. Potential majors include Secondary Education and K-12 Education, to name but two. Three add-on endorsements — including World Language and Culture, and General Science — are also offered. Hands-on classroom experience starts during a student’s sophomore year — earlier than most programs. Part or all of one’s senior year may be spent teaching abroad or in the inner city. Average class sizes top out at 18 students, and Concordia has an overall graduation rate of 72%. 

#24. Baylor University

Waco, Texas
Tuition: $49,246
Total Points: 9

Baylor University offers Bachelor’s of Science in Education in elementary, middle grade, and secondary education. No matter which grade-level a student decides to pursue, they begin major coursework and classroom fieldwork from the first semester. Students are also given the opportunity to study (and teach) abroad. Extra courses may be taken to earn supplemental certification in subjects such as Special Education or English as a Second Language. We give Baylor high marks for its 78% graduation rate and small class sizes. 

#23. Loyola University Chicago

Chicago, Illinois
Tuition: $46,060
Total Points: 9 

Loyola University Chicago offers a slew of degrees through its School of Education. Students may choose between five Bachelor of Science degrees. Options include Elementary Education and Special Education, to name but two. Three minors are available, as are four dual-degree programs which allow students to earn both bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Student teaching is spent in a Chicago public or Catholic school. Study abroad opportunities are also available. Loyola University Chicago has a graduation rate of 74%.

#22. Biola University

La Mirada, California
Tuition: $43,512
Total Points: 9

Biola University is home to a top-ranked School of Education. Four bachelor’s degrees are offered, including a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood. Students may also choose to minor in either elementary or secondary education. Those who prefer a more flexible degree program will be happy to hear that some of Biola’s education degrees are available entirely online. We give Biola high marks for its small class sizes, and its 74% graduation rate. 

 #21. Valparaiso University

Valparaiso, Indiana
Tuition: $43,286
Total Points: 9

Valparaiso University offers a bachelor’s degree in elementary education. Three minors are also available, including special education and Teaching ESL. Valparaiso’s bachelor’s degree culminates in licensure in the state of Indiana. Coursework covers a variety of topics, including Educational Psychology and Literacy in the Elementary School. Students may also choose up to two concentrations, options for which range from mathematics to Chinese. 

#20. George Fox University

Newberg, Oregon
Tuition: $38,370
Total Points: 9

George Fox University offers a Teacher Education Program. This program consists of both a traditional undergraduate degree and an adult degree completion track. The former is a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. Students pursuing their bachelor’s degrees may take classes either on campus or online. The degree culminates in licensure. George Fox has a graduation rate of 68%, and a student/faculty ratio of 14:1. 

#19. Corban University

Salem, Oregon
Tuition: $34,188
Total Points: 9 

Corban University offers bachelor’s degrees in elementary education and secondary education. Those who choose to pursue the latter degree option have their choice of 10 different focus areas, most of which lead to state licensure. Minors in education and mathematics education are also available. Uniquely, Corban offers the chance for students to spend part of each year immersed in the classroom. Freshman year is spent teaching in a private school. The sophomore year is spent in a high-needs urban school, and junior year is spent in a rural school. Finally, seniors may choose their classroom environment based on their interests. 

 #18. College of the Ozarks

Point Lookout, Missouri
Tuition: $19,960
Total Points: 9

College of the Ozarks Missouri offers a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education degree. Students may customize their degree by concentrating in Early Childhood, or by adding on middle school subjects. Eighty-two of the required credits for the degree are made up of education-related coursework. This includes 11 credit hours of student teaching experience. Impressively, 100% of College of the Ozarks education students passed their certification requirements during the last testing period. 

#17. Martin Luther College

New Ulm, Minnesota
Tuition: $16,420
Total Points: 9

Martin Luther College offers a Bachelor of Science in Education. Students may choose to focus on elementary, or middle and secondary education. Early childhood is another option. Regardless of choice, Martin Luther College’s education program culminates in Minnesota state licensure. We give Martin Luther College high marks for its 12:1 student/faculty ratio, and its low annual tuition rate. 

#16. LeMoyne-Owen College

Memphis, Tennessee
Tuition: $12,076
Total Points: 9

LeMoyne-Owen College offers a number of bachelor’s degrees in Teacher Education. These include Bachelor’s of Science in General Science and General Mathematics. A Bachelor of Arts in Teacher Education in English/Language Arts is also an option, as is a Bachelor of Science in Special Education. The programs also prepare students for state licensure and jobs in the classroom. LeMoyne-Owen College, a historically Black college, offers a very affordable annual tuition rate, and a student/faculty ratio of 12:1. 

#15. Southern Methodist University

Dallas, Texas
Tuition: $58,540
Total Points: 10

Southern Methodist University frequently ranks amongst the top education programs in the country. The undergraduate program focuses on certifying teachers for jobs in the classroom. Thus, students must choose a primary major before tackling the educational studies program. A special music education program is also offered. We give Southern Methodist University high marks for its small class sizes and 81% graduation rate.

#14. Pepperdine University

Malibu, California
Tuition: $58,002
Total Points: 10

Pepperdine University is home to one of California’s most respected Teacher Education programs. Students may pursue the program, which culminates in a teaching credential with any major. Classes take place on Pepperdine’s Malibu campus, though an impressive 750 hours are spent at a school gaining classroom experience. Required coursework includes Advanced Teaching Methods and Educational Foundations, among others. Pepperdine has an 86% graduation rate, and a student/faculty ratio of 13:1. 

#13. Texas Christian University

Fort Worth, Texas
Tuition: $51,660
Total Points: 10

Texas Christian University offers both a Bachelor of Science and a minor in educational studies. Students may choose to major in any subject, then add on educational studies to get certified as a teacher. Interestingly, Texas Christian University has two special education laboratory schools right on campus. It is the only university in the nation to boast such a valuable teaching tool. The laboratory school offers experiences in research and teaching.  

#12. Saint Mary’s College of California

Moraga, California
Tuition: $50,660
Total Points: 10

Saint Mary’s College is home to the top-ranked Kalmanovitz School of Education. The school offers a variety of degree programs, including credential programs. A bachelor’s completion program is also available for those who have already started their education. Those seeking a credential may do so in one or multiple subjects, or as an education specialist. Saint Mary’s offers students small class sizes, and a graduation rate of 78%. 

#11. Bethel University

Saint Paul, Minnesota
Tuition: $39,030
Total Points: 10

Bethel University offers six different B.A.s in Education through its Department of Education. These include Special Education and TESOL, as well as elementary and middle grade teaching. The department partners with a number of local schools to provide students with lots of in-person classroom experience. We also give Bethel University high marks for its 73% graduation rate and small class sizes. 

#10. Belmont University

Nashville, Tennessee
Tuition: $37,030
Total Points: 10

Nashville-based Belmont University offers four undergraduate education degrees and two minors. Majors include Pre-K through 12, and Education Studies, to name but two. A 4+1 Program is also available for those who like the idea of earning both a bachelor’s and a master’s in just five years. Uniquely, students begin hands-on classroom experience from their first semester on campus. Each program culminates in licensure. Belmont University has a 14:1 student/faculty ratio, and a 72% graduation rate. 

#9. Cedarville University

Cedarville University

Cedarville, Ohio
Tuition: $32,564
Total Points: 10

Cedarville University offers 12 different teacher licensure programs through its School of Education. A minor in Teaching English as a Second Language is also offered. Major options include Primary Education and Special Education, plus specific secondary subjects such as music and Spanish, to name but two. Over the course of the program, students spend at least 600 hours in field and clinical experiences. Uniquely, these field experiences begin as early as a student’s freshman year. 

#8. Boston College

Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts
Tuition: $60,202
Total Points: 11

Top-ranked Boston College offers three undergraduate education degrees. The Bachelor of Arts in Transformative Educational Studies is for those who want to dedicate their careers to solving to the triumphs and trials of education in the here and now. Those who are more interested in teaching may pursue a B.A. in either Secondary Education or Elementary Education. A B.A. in Applied Psychology and Human Development is also offered, as are nearly 20 education-related minors. Also worth mentioning is Boston College’s 94% graduation rate! 

#7. Villanova University

Villanova, Pennsylvania
Tuition: $57,460
Total Points: 11

Villanova University offers a Secondary Teacher Education program through its Department of Education and Counseling. Throughout the entirety of the program, students will prepare for the 7-12 Instructional Level I Certification that Pennsylvania requires of its public school teachers. Students may customize their program by choosing among a variety of subject areas. Double majors and a five-year BA/MA Secondary Education program are also available. 

#6. Gonzaga University

Spokane, Washington
Tuition: $46,920
Total Points: 11

Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington offers multiple undergraduate degree programs via its School of Education. Students may choose to pursue teaching degrees in Special Education, or Sports and Physical Education, among others. A physical education minor is also available. Those who intend to teach in a Washington public school can pursue a Bachelor of Education teacher-certification program in Physical Education or Special Education. They can also choose a non-degree teacher-certification program in elementary or secondary education.   

#5. Marquette University

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Tuition: $45,666
Total Points: 11

Marquette University is home to a unique College of Education. Students who pursue this program graduate with a double major in education and an academic subject area. Options for the latter are many. Those who intend to teach in the classroom may also pursue certification in either elementary/middle education, or middle/secondary education. Four field experiences are also required before graduation for those seeking certification.

#4. Creighton University

Omaha, Nebraska
Tuition: $43,018
Total Points: 11

Creighton University Nebraska offers two undergraduate programs and one certificate via its Department of Education. Students may pursue bachelor’s of science degrees in either elementary or secondary education. An Early Childhood Education certificate is also offered. Regardless of program choice, clinical practice hours are also required to graduate. We give Creighton high marks for its 81% graduation rate and student/faculty ratio of 11:1. 

#3. Georgetown University

Washington, D.C. 
Tuition: $57,928
Total Points: 12

Georgetown University offers a number of education degree programs not found at other schools on our list. Those who are interested in educational theory may be interested in majors like Education, Inquiry, and Justice, or Education Policy & Program Evaluation. Master’s degrees in Learning, Design, and Technology, and Higher Education Administration are also offered, to name but two. Georgetown offers students small class sizes and a 95% graduation rate. 

#2. Santa Clara University

Santa Clara, California
Tuition: $52,998
Total Points: 12

Santa Clara University is home to a well-respected School of Education & Counseling Psychology. Master’s degrees are available in Teacher Education and Educational Leadership. The former guides students through all they need to be able to teach in public, private, or Catholic schools in as little as one year’s time. Four hands-on practicums are included in the curriculum, which allows for a ton of first-hand experience.  

#1. Brigham Young University

Provo, Utah
Tuition: $5,970
Total Points: 14

Topping our list of the best Christian colleges for education is Brigham Young University. Located in Utah and predominantly Mormon, BYU is home to the very well respected Department of Teacher Education. Three Bachelor’s of Science are offered, including in elementary education and early childhood education. Students may also choose to pursue minors in TESOL or PE Teaching/Coaching. BYU’s 20-year net ROI is 12%, and 78% of students graduate on time.  

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