5 Top Careers in Biological Science

5 In-Demand Biological Science Careers

  • Biochemist
  • Physician Or Physician Assistant
  • Genetic Counselor
  • Wildlife Biologist/Zoologist
  • Biology Teacher

There are a variety of available careers in biological science. As with most STEM fields, there are plenty of high-paying and in-demand jobs for students who graduate with biology degrees. The following are some of the top careers in biological science.

1. Biochemist

Biochemists study biological processes, both the chemical and physical components. They may perform lab work and research, manage lab staff and processes, and publish their findings. Typical work may involve isolating and analyzing certain fats or proteins, using advanced technologies to aid them in their research, and developing new drugs. They command a very high salary on average – just under six figures. Students will also likely need an advanced degree to land a job and will certainly need one to advance further in their careers. They will also need a strong understanding of chemistry in addition to biology.

2. Physician or Physician Assistant

Physicians are among the highest-paid and best-known careers in biological science. They can work in general practice or as a specialist, such as in a certain body system or in radiology. In order to get this job, students will need to complete a bachelor’s degree as well as obtain a medical degree and complete a residency. A pre-med program can also be helpful. For students who do not want to become full-fledged physicians, the physician assistant career is another possible option. As per the U S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, physician assistants make three-figure salaries and require both a master’s degree and a state license to practice.

3. Genetic Counselor

For students who have an interest in counseling or helping others in addition to the biological sciences, the career of a genetic counselor might be a good option. Genetic counseling is a profession that has grown significantly in recent years as a greater scientific understanding of the human genome has allowed people to understand their individual genetics. Like most counselors, genetic counselors have to enjoy working with people and be highly empathetic, as they often must guide clients who have just received devastating medical news. They also must have a strong understanding of the science behind human genetics.

4. Wildlife Biologist/Zoologist

Students who love animals may want to consider a career as a wildlife biologist or zoologist. These professionals study animals, their behavior and how they interact with their ecosystems. They also study the human impact on wildlife. Like in other scientific professions, wildlife biologists commonly write papers on their findings and occasionally must apply for grants or other sources of funding. Their work can be used for conservation purposes and scientific studies. A bachelor’s degree is suitable for entry-level positions, but advanced degrees will be needed for higher-level work or research positions.

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5. Biology Teacher

Students with a passion for biology who are also interested in teaching may want to consider becoming biology teachers. Biology teachers educate students on a number of biology subjects, such as the fundamentals of living things, environmental issues, scientific concepts and lab work. They can teach at any level, but most work in middle schools, high schools and universities. University professors must have advanced degrees. All biology majors wanting to teach should get a degree or certificate in education as well so they will be best prepared to perform the teaching side of their roles.

The biological science field is home to a wide variety of occupations, giving students plenty of options to find the one that’s right for them. These top careers in biological science are all worthy professions.

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