5 Common Degree Fields at a Christian College

5 Typical Degree Fields at a Christian College

  • Behavioral Sciences
  • Business
  • Physical and Biological Sciences
  • Liberal and Performing Arts
  • Theology and Biblical Studies

When many people think of Christian colleges, they assume that the only degree fields offered are those related to religious careers. While Christian colleges do provide excellent opportunities for students to earn religion-based degrees, they also offer degree programs in all the same fields as secular colleges. Here are five common degree fields at a Christian college.

1. Behavioral Sciences

Behavioral sciences are one of the most popular degree fields at any college, including Christian colleges. This degree field includes degrees such as psychology, sociology, and social work. At a Christian college, students have the option to study this degree field with or without a Christian focus. This opens doors to careers in everything from clinical psychiatry to Christian counseling. Graduates will be qualified to work in variety of environments, both secular and faith-based, clinical and academic.

2. Business

Christian colleges offer all of the same business degrees as any other college. This includes business administration and management, marketing, and finance majors. These degree programs are aimed at helping students gain the knowledge and skills in leadership, statistics, and strategic thinking to apply in either secular or faith-based business careers.

3. Physical and Biological Sciences

Perhaps most surprising to some is that Christian colleges offer physical and biological science majors just like any other college. In the eyes of many, science and Christianity often conflict. In the eyes of many others, however, they complement each other. Christian colleges form solid academic foundations for aspiring Christian doctors and veterinarians, botanists, astronauts, and many more.

4. Liberal Arts

From history and education to women’s studies and literature, Christian colleges are full of opportunities to earn liberal arts degrees. Especially when considering degrees related to humanities, liberal arts is another degree field that people are surprised to find at Christian colleges. Perhaps this is part of a recent movement described by Forbes to embrace more diversity within small colleges.

5. Theology and Biblical Studies

Of course, Christian colleges are also ideal choices for many students who wish to enter the fields of theology and Biblical studies. While all colleges offer majors in religious studies, Christian colleges often provide a wider variety of specializations. These programs lay the foundation for careers in ministry, research, and education. Common specializations include youth ministry, Biblical languages, and interfaith peace and conflict.

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There are many reasons why students choose to attend Christian colleges. Some want to combine learning about their future careers with learning more about their faith. Others wish to cultivate faith-based careers in secular fields. Still, others just want to prepare for their professional futures in an environment that they view to support a certain set of values. Whatever the motivation, students can choose from these five common degree fields at a Christian college.