Christian Colleges in New Hampshire

The location of a college has been known to be a factor in many a student’s decision about which school to attend. For students seeking a faith-based education, there may be no better backdrop than the incredible, awe-inspiring landscape of New Hampshire. The lush spring and summer greenery, bold colors of fall, and beautiful snow-capped mountains in winter are sure to make any Christian student take notice of the great works around them.

Details about New Hampshire Christian Colleges

Unlike most other states, the only four Christian colleges based in New Hampshire are Catholic schools, and there are no Bible colleges. Students from any religious background can attend, and all four schools provide undergraduate degrees. Online-only degrees are not available from any of the four colleges, but some individual classes are taught in an online format.

The College of Saint Mary Magdalen

Founded in 1973, The College of Saint Mary Magdalen aims to provide a quality Catholic education in a liberal arts atmosphere. Students can earn an undergraduate degree in programs ranging from Literature to Theology.

Rivier College

Students at Rivier was founded in 1933 to serve students in New Hampshire with a Catholic education. Rivier is the only Christian school in New Hampshire to provide both Bachelor’s and Master’s education programs.

Saint Anselm College

Undoubtedly the most high-profile Christian college in New Hampshire, Saint Anselm College aims to provide students with the knowledge and skills to go out into the world after graduation. Equipped with modern facilities, including the New Hampshire Center for Politics, Saint Anselm is prepared to teach students in 40 majors and 22 minors.

The Thomas More College of Liberal Arts

Students at Thomas More College of Liberal Arts enter a unique and engaging environment, where creativity and critical thinking are encouraged. Students can choose from degree programs in Humanities, Mathematics, Philosophy, and more. Every student is also offered the opportunity to spend a semester studying in Rome.

New Hampshire Online Christian Colleges, Financial Aid, and Scholarships

Any student wants to receive the best education from the top college or university available to them. While there are no online Christian Colleges based in New Hampshire, students can still elect to attend an accredited out-of-state college in a Distance Learning program. Financial aid often differs for students seeking an online education. Any questions about financial aid or scholarships should be directed to each individual school’s admissions and financial aid department.

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