How Is an Online Christian College Different from Other Online Colleges?

Online collegesMany people of faith consider Christian schooling, but you may wonder what makes an online Christian college different from other online colleges. Will you get as good of an education in your field of study by choosing a Christian online school? What kind of religious education will you get at this type of a school? Should you consider Christian education even if you don’t plan to go into the ministry or major in religious studies?

Why Choose a Christian School

Many Christian students enjoy the opportunity to get a solid education in a Christian environment. Most online Christian colleges use terms such as “Christ-centered education” in their marketing materials, according to World Magazine. In addition to providing an educational foundation, these schools seek to help students develop their spiritual lives. Classes often focus on ethics in business practice and may also relate studies in social science, history and art to an interpretation of the Scriptures. Many Christian colleges require degree-seeking students to complete a prescribed number of religion courses in addition to their degree-related coursework. The type and extent of these classes varies from school to school.

What Degree Programs Do Online Christian Colleges Offer

Christian education online includes small Bible colleges as well as larger universities that offer hundreds of courses of study. Courses offered ranged from basic religion courses and a narrow liberal arts program to full-fledged programs with degrees in art, science, math, education and more. You can enroll in an online course at a Christian seminary, and you can also enroll in online classes for pursuing a math or science degree at a Christian institution.

Whether you choose a Christian college or a secular institution of higher learning, the most important thing is to make sure your school offers the education you need to be successful in your chosen career. If you want to become an engineer, don’t spend four years getting a degree from a small religious school that doesn’t have an engineering major. Instead, find a college that provides solid core engineering studies. Many smaller Christian schools collaborate with larger schools to help students get the best possible education.

What Is the Quality of an Online Christian College

You won’t be able to make a judgment concerning the quality of an online college based on whether or not it is a religious institution. Like secular online schools, some Christian colleges hold high standards of excellence while others do not prepare students for success. Take the time to research a variety of online schools before making your final decision. Learn what supports the institution has for helping students and recent graduates find employment. Also, check to see what accreditations are held by any online program you are considering. While researching an online Christian college, you might also wish to interview current students and recent graduates to get their perspective on the education they have received.


For people of the Christian faith, a faith-based education is often a priority. Many good Christian colleges offer online courses. Now that you know about ways that an online Christian college is different from other online colleges, what type of online program do you think you will choose?

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