What is a Christian Studies Degree?

A Christian studies degree is one of the best ways into a wide variety of faith-based and even non-faith-based vocations around the world. For those curious as to the merits of this particular degree program, we’ve got some basic information on this degree program for you. Read on as we take a look at today’s Christian studies degree.

Degree Focus

To appropriately preface further explanation of this particular path of study, it is important to note that Christianity comprises the leading world religion, with CIA Factbook statistics citing a 33.39%, leading stake in all world practitioners of religion. For bearings’ sakes, Islam comes in second occupying around 22.74% of the world’s religion practitioners. With this all said, Christianity is the world’s dominating religion. As a result, the Christian study degree addresses a valuable, globe-dominating belief and organization system – Christianity.

Within today’s Christian studies degree program, one will become current in all of the most important elements of this religion as well as its applications in real-life today. One will be taught all about church hierarchy, Christian culture and heritage, history, the Bible, and everything else pertinent to the religion in real-world as well as philosophical contexts.

Degree Courses

To adequately learn about all of the most important areas of Christianity today and yesterday, an expertly selected curriculum is necessary. If you are pursuing your degree in this area, you will find, for example, that a keenly selected ratio of studies is incorporated into the program – today, yesterday, organization, the Bible, and so on. Like any other degree program, this one can be earned up to the associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s levels.

So, what exact kinds of courses make up the common coursework found in this degree program? Here’s just a sampling of typically included courses.

– Christian Ethics
– Survey of Historical Theology
– Christianity in Global Context
– Ministerial Communications
– Local Church Organization
– Old Testament Survey
– New Testament Survey
– Pentateuch
– Biblical Interpretation and Application
– and many more

Vocational Applications

Now that we’ve covered the basics of this particular degree program, let’s shift our focus to the next best thing – real-life, vocational applications for the Christian study program grad. There are many areas in which one can apply this valuable degree, within the religious world as well as outside. The following careers are just a few representatives of the many made available by this particular degree.

– Ministry Director
– Missionary
– Outreach Worker, Advocate
– Christian Education Director
– Chaplain
– Pastor
– Professor, Teacher
– Director, Manager
– Curator, Historian
– Camp Director
– School Principal

To many students each year, today’s Christian study program is the way to go when it comes to paving a road for the most ideal future work. Many choose to go on and devote their subsequent careers to Christian causes, while others find valuable career paths outside of the Christian career world. Either way, this degree is a valuable choice with plenty of real-world applicability. These are the basics of today’s Christian studies degree.

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