Christian Colleges in Utah

When it comes to choosing an institution for receiving a Christ-centered education, Utah certainly provides a good variety of options. Known primarily for Brigham Young University, Utah also offers two Baptist colleges and even a nondenominational institution.

Details About Utah Christian Colleges

Salt Lake Baptist College
Salt Lake Baptist College offers a unique program primarily comprising apprenticeship education for young pastors. It offers an extension program with local churches to help pastors provide education opportunities to young men in their own churches, instead of with theology professors in a classroom. Salt Lake Baptist College also offers free online Bible study programs, though donations are gladly accepted to help keep the program running.

Brigham Young University
Located in Provo, Brigham Young University was founded and is still guided by The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The university’s mission is to provide a well-rounded education to all students, with each one leaving the campus to continue the work of the Church for a lifetime. An emphasis on faith and education combined makes an education from Brigham Young University a valuable resource for every student’s future.

Anchor Baptist College
Located in Salt Lake City, Anchor Baptist College services churches in the local community by helping provide a Christ-centered education to church staff and the wives of church staff. Study focus is on the King James Version of the Bible.

Westminster College
Offering a nondenominational education since 1875, Westminster College aims to provide a quality learning experience to students from all walks of life. There are over 70 academic programs offered at Westminster College, and students can earn both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Westminster is the only liberal arts college in Utah.

Utah Online Christian College, Financial Aid, and Scholarships

The opportunity for online education at Christian colleges in Utah is plentiful, from individual courses to full degree programs. Students should contact their prospective school(s) for more information on the specific availability of online courses or degrees. Financial aid is available for all Christian colleges in Utah. As with information regarding online studies, students should consult their prospective school(s) to ask about opportunities for financial aid and scholarships.

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