What Careers are Available to Bible Scholars?

careers for bible scholars

Some may feel that a course of study focused on the Bible is not a good track for future employment. Today’s Bible scholar, however, can find a number of great career choices. What are some of the opportunities available with this particular skillset? Read on for five excellent examples.

Bible Teacher

One great way to employ advanced biblical knowledge and skill is through teaching. Bible teachers specifically teach on matters of Christianity and the Bible, but there are also many other teaching opportunities that are similar while branching out a bit into other subject areas. Christian private schools between the grade levels of kindergarten and 12th grade, as well as Christian universities, employ the largest numbers of these kinds of workers.

Bible Curriculum Writer

Working in conjunction with many of the teachers mentioned above, Bible curriculum writers get the pleasure of designing the courses and classes that those teachers will then go on to administer to their students. What major scriptures need to be taught? What are some of the best lessons in the Bible that correlate to everyday life right now? What activities and class formats can have the greatest educational impact? These are some of the concerns this professional must tackle in planning out the very best educational routes for a whole body of students.


While it may come as a surprise to some, there is actually a whole world of ongoing biblical research that works to this day to fill in the gaps and answer the questions left behind by biblical history and even non-biblical history. Some of the leading organizations, aside from colleges and universities, that take the helm in this field include The Biblical Research Institute, The Associates for Biblical Research, and The Institute for Biblical Research, among others. Because of the breadth of this field, there is a wide variety of research positions, specialties within, and even associated titles to be had.

Director of Ministry

Director of Ministry is a somewhat flexible term in the Christian church system. Generally, this individual is responsible for directing church programs, plans, events, and more. Essentially, this professional acts as a sort of manager for their respective church but does so typically in cooperation with several other leading members of that church. For those interested, there are also many common subsets to this directing position including director of child ministries, director of outreach ministries, director of community ministries, to name a few.


There are many terms for the leader of a church. “Pastor” is one of the most widely recognized names given this position. Despite these formalities in namesake, this individual plays a pivotal role in acting as the main head of their respective church. While the duties found in this role can change based on the church’s needs and missions, some of the core duties include creating and preaching sermons, working with ministry directors to bolster and support efforts, directing special events and religious ceremonies, engaging in community involvement and outreach, and providing personal counsel to those in need.


Christianity is a massive religion with many opportunities for work directly within or by association. Those looking for a noble cause near this particular religion face a substantial pool of opportunity. These five career choices are just a handful of the many options available to today’s Bible scholar.

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