5 Benefits of Attending an Historically Black College

Reasons to Attend an Historically Black College

  • Custom extracurricular activities and classes
  • Supportive atmosphere
  • Empowerment
  • Alumni Associations
  • Exclusive Scholarships and Grants

Attending an historically black college is something that might have crossed your mind briefly, but have you really looked into it? There are a number of reasons to consider applying and obtaining your college degree from one of these universities.

Custom Extracurricular Activities and Classes

The variety of classes and extracurricular activities offered at an HBCU are different than at traditional colleges. These are one-of-a-kind opportunities that are specially tailored to the needs of students attending an HBCU. Diversity offers more opportunity to relate with peers, professors, and organizations that share common interests that might not be available at traditional universities or colleges.

Supportive Atmosphere

It’s a different experience for many individuals to attend an HBCU because it’s a change from being a minority to being in an atmosphere with others who you can relate to. You’ll likely have more in common with the people you meet and have a better overall learning experience because it’s an inclusive educational journey. It offers a greater sense of community with both other students and professors and advisors. This atmosphere can help you succeed and offer tips and support that will benefit you in both the short and long-term.

Empowering Environment

The primary reason that HBCUs were founded was to focus on the education of black American students. There are currently over 100 different HBCUs in the United States. Some are public, others are private and there are also specialized medical and law schools dedicated to granting degrees to black students. The definition emerged with the passage of the Higher Education Act of 1965. Many individuals felt that they wanted to get an education, but felt excluded from the traditional university atmosphere where they would be in the minority and have the opportunity to feel included as the majority for once.

Alumni Associations

Schools tend to have their own alumni associations, but students who attend and earn a degree from an HBCU are eligible to join exclusive associations. These include the DC Metro HBCU Alumni Alliance, Atlanta HBCU Alumni Alliance or the National HBCU Alumni association among many others depending on where the school is located. Belonging to one or more of these associations can help you network and further your career or even to simply meet someone with similar experiences or goals in life.

Scholarships and Grants

Scholarships and grants ease the financial burden of getting a higher education. Besides scholarships that are based on academics or others that are available to you, there are many scholarships reserved specifically for African-American students. There are also some that are exclusive to students that want to attend an HBCU. Take the time to research the options you have because there are likely opportunities to cut down on your schooling costs that you don’t know of just for attending an HBCU.

Keep these reasons in mind when deciding where to further your education. Historically black colleges give you opportunities that aren’t available at other institutions of higher learning. Take the time to really think about how your educational experience will benefit in both the present and future by attending a historically black college.