What Degrees are Popular at a Christian College?

popular degrees at christian college

If you’re a Christian who is planning on going to college, you might be wondering what the most popular degrees at a Christian college are. According to the Acton Institute, there are around 570 Christian colleges in the United States. Each of these schools will have different statistics, but in general, the three most popular majors in Christian schools are business, education and Bible studies.


Business degrees are popular degrees at a Christian college. This may be because individuals working in business often have high salaries, and there are a lot of different careers that are available to people with business degrees. Different schools offer different concentrations, but common options include:

  • Accounting
  • Communications
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Human resources
  • International business
  • Management
  • Marketing

After graduating with a business degree, you can choose to go directly into the workforce, go on to graduate school or even take some time off to volunteer your skills to people in need. Most universities – Christian and secular – require students to take general education and general business courses during the first two years. The last two years are normally used for taking courses in a certain concentration.


Education is one of the most popular degrees at a Christian college, especially for women. While men can make a career out of education, teaching is still dominated by females. Since most Christian colleges have more female students than male students, it’s hardly a surprise that education is so popular. While pupils who graduate with this degree can teach in a variety of settings, many choose to work in Christian schools instead of in the public school system. Because religious and secular schools tend to teach subjects slightly differently and focus on different areas, a hopeful Christian school teacher may find that his or her job search is a little easier just because of the fact that he or she graduated from a Christian school. This is especially true if he or she wants to teach at a school with the same denomination as his or her alma mater.

Bible Studies

The most popular degrees at a Christian college tend to focus on Bible studies. Each learning institution may have a different name for this degree, but most Christian schools have at least one major that focuses solely on studying Christianity and the Bible. Graduates who spend their college years studying their religion are usually very committed to teaching others about God. An individual with a degree in Bible studies may become a pastor, a Sunday school teacher or another type of employee at a church. It’s worth noting that while the status quo is for men to become pastors and women to only teach other women or children, more and more churches are becoming open to female pastors. Some graduates choose to become missionaries, and others work for non-profits in an office setting.


There are many pros and cons for going to a Christian school, but you shouldn’t worry too much about being able to find a good program of study. There can be many popular degrees at a Christian college, both Christian non-Christian universities offer interesting options to students.

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