What Concentrations are Available with a Psychology Degree from a Christian College?

concentrations for psychology degree

Studying at a Christian college opens up many academic and career pathways in the field of psychology. Students can concentrate in religion in a way not possible at traditional institutions. They can also choose from all the same concentrations offered in other psychology academic programs. It is a great way to study the common core psychological concepts in an environment that incorporates faith and shared values. Here are a few concentrations to consider.


One option is to concentrate on religion within the psychology major. Students might even consider a double major in psychology and religion. This path includes courses that tackle the stigma that the two cannot coexist. The focus will be on shared concepts, such as guilt, meaningfulness versus meaninglessness, and religious behavior. This is a great path for students interested in a career in religious counseling; seminary; or teaching and researching the dynamics between religion, spirituality, and psychological principles.


A biological concentration is popular among students of the psychological sciences. Due to the scientific nature, many college applicants do not believe that a Christian college is the best place to pursue this path. On the contrary, many Christin institutions not only offer biology courses, but they also provide education on blending student beliefs in science and faith. Students may focus on biology within the psychology major or double major in biology and science. These paths are ideal for those wishing to pursue careers in psychiatry, neurology, psychological nursing, or research and teaching in biopsychology. The American Scientific Affiliation offers an overview of the process of blending psychological sciences and Christian ideals.


Students interested in concentrating on the sociological aspects of the psychological field have several options at a Christian college. There are social psychology concentrations within general psychology major programs and double majors of psychology and sociology. These paths are geared towards students passionate about understanding the relationships between social interactions, environmental systems, and psychological wellbeing. Career destinations in this area include counseling and therapy, public policy, education, social work and other social services, and research and teaching within sociology and social psychology.


Communications is a great concentration for students interested in the psychological principles behind how people communicate with each other. This includes written, verbal, and nonverbal communication in which people infer meaning through body language, facial expressions, and tone. Concentrating in communications or double majoring in communications and psychology are both great options for those interested in any career path that will require public speaking, interacting with diverse groups of people, or writing for a wide variety of audiences. Pursuing this academic course at a Christian college offers the additional advantage of learning to communicate with and listen to others with loving kindness and patience. These are qualities that every employer looks for, regardless of religious preference.


A degree in psychology opens doors to infinite career possibilities. Therefore, students are encouraged to combine their psychology education with a concentration in another area of interest. This not only increases their enjoyment of the academic process, but it also provides them with deeper knowledge and more marketability when applying to future careers. All concentrations are not only available at Christian colleges, but are also infused with advantageous spiritual and religious education.

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