5 Benefits of Attending a Small Christian College

Perks of Enrolling in a Small Christian College

  • Quality of Education
  • Meaningful Activities and Setting
  • Class Size
  • Growth of Faith
  • Sense of Community

When choosing a university, students today have many options, including Christian-based colleges. While there are many colleges that may offer similar degree programs and quality of education, there are some considerable benefits to attending a college that is faith based. Having the spiritual support during the four years of college can help with personal growth, education achievement, and future prosperity. Let’s take a look at five benefits that exist when you attend a small Christian college.

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1. Quality of Education

At one time it was suspected that while Christian colleges provided faith as part of their programs, their quality of education wasn’t on par with other, larger universities. This may have been true in some cases but is no longer a consensus opinion on small Christian schools. Many of these Christian colleges and universities have a talented faculty that is paid at comparable levels to other schools. These faculty members are not only dedicated to providing a quality education, the pride themselves in also providing students with guidance as well.

2. Meaningful Activities and Setting

In addition to going to class each day, many Christian universities provide additional activities for students, such as community service and small group engagement. These are great opportunities to get to know other people on campus and to help serve the community and grow in faith. These events may even be on-campus or off and could include local service, praise and worship teams, as well as bible study and devotionals.

3. Class Size

It has long been proven that smaller class sizes equate to better instruction. A professor can give much better, individualized attention to 20 students in a class whereas a professor teaching to a lecture hall filled with almost 150 students can only teach one way, and that is in a general fashion. According to InsideHigherEd.com, students feel more inspired and challenged in smaller classes, leading them to rate these learning environments more highly than large classes.

4. Growth of Faith

The college experience can be challenging as students are faced with new social options that can potentially become dangerous situations. Christian colleges and universities typically strive to create a safe, and sometimes more controlled, environment for students. On some campuses this means a strict code of conduct, while others may enforce alcohol bans or curfews. Whatever the method is, Christian colleges focus on helping students grow in faith through their social and non-class time. Because this is ingrained in the philosophy of the school, there is always support present whether it be from a professor, a staff member or peers on campus.

5. Sense of Community

When attending a university that is small in size and focused on the social and spiritual well-being of students, there is an inherent sense of community that is realized. Students at Christian colleges and universities develop a network of friends and support that become almost like family. These are people that are trusted, encouraging, and supportive both during the colleges days and beyond.

When studying towards a college degree, there can be many distractions. A small Christian college provides many benefits to students that help to maintain focus, as well a create a successful college experience. The quality of education is unparalleled and students are able to grow into graduates.