5 Career Options with a Doctorate in Education

Consider One of These 5 Career Paths With a Doctorate in Education

  • University Provost
  • School System Superintendent
  • Post-secondary Education Administrators
  • Specialty School Principal
  • Academic Dean

A person who has earned a Doctorate of Philosophy in education or an education doctorate may want to know about these five career options with a doctorate in education. A person with a Ph.D. or Ed.D. who is also licensed as an educator may have some additional options for their career path. Each of these lucrative careers offers a person a chance to make the most of their doctoral degree, experience and skills.

1. University Provost

A university provost is a senior academic administrator. Other countries may call this position that of a chancellor or vice-chancellor. Some institutions or nations may call this a master position. The provost is responsible for overseeing a college’s curricular, instructional, and research affairs. At most institutions, the provost is in charge of the educational activities, research and hiring of academic personnel. They may also oversee the board of trustees. This position is above that of the dean and below that of the university president.

2. School System Superintendent

A school system or district superintendent is the top executive in a school district. The school principals report to the superintendent, as do other administrative professionals in the district. The superintendent is responsible for implementing the school board’s vision and plans for the district. They are also responsible for facilities, hiring, staff management, curriculum and daily district activities. They report to the local and state boards of education. The superintendent is typically hired by a vote of the local board of education.

3. Post-secondary Education Administrators

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a doctoral degree is ideal for a person who wants to be a post-secondary education administrator. These people may have started their career as a lecturer or professor, and their doctorate might be in their field of expertise or education. A post-secondary education administrator is usually responsible for overseeing student services, academics and research. They might be the head of a department or college or work in the admissions or registrar’s office.

4. Specialty School Principal

A school principal may also be one of the career options with a doctorate in education, although some schools or districts may only require a master’s degree in education as well as many years of teaching and administrative experience. A specialty school principal may need a doctorate, especially for a school with an area of focus on gifted and talented students or students who have developmental or learning disabilities. Specialty schools that focus on English as a second language or specific programs such as STEM or STEAM may also require a doctorate of their principal.

5. Academic Dean

An academic dean is a type of college or university administrator. Their responsibilities include planning, managing staff and faculty, overseeing departmental budgets and fundraising activities and determining research initiatives. Their daily or routine activities may also include evaluating applications and setting admissions requirements, connecting with alumni and working with nonprofits, for-profit companies or governmental organizations to advance the college or university.

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Each of these career options with a doctorate in education allows a person to stay involved in the educational process. A person could decide whether they want to work in a public or private educational setting, government agency or nonprofit group for related education administration jobs. All five of these career options with a doctorate in education offer room for advancement and the ability to have a personally and professionally satisfying career.