10 Best Subscription Boxes for Christian Children

Subscription Boxes for Christian Children

As Christians, it is our responsibility to teach our children about God and the Bible. But teaching things like Biblical stories, memory verses, religious figures, and more is not always an easy task. That’s what makes a Christian subscription box such a valuable tool. Designed especially for children, these subscriptions boxes about the Bible teach myriad Biblical themes in the form of:

  • stories
  • crafts
  • kid-friendly devotionals, and much more

Keep scrolling for our pick of the 10 best subscription boxes for Christian children!

1. Playing for Keeps

From $23.00 / monthly
Ideal for kids aged 3-9, Playing for Keeps is a monthly subscription box rooted in Christian principles. Each box contains at least six engaging activities based on Biblical truths that children and their caregivers can complete together. Boxes are themed, and include everything one needs to learn and create.

2. Annie’s Creative Girls Club

From $19.99 / bi-monthly
Girls and tweens who love to create are sure to enjoy Annie’s Creative Girls Club. Twice each month, subscribers receive a box chock-full of wholesome crafts and other art activities. The activities are accompanied by easy-to-follow instructions. A few past activities have included:

  • scrapbooking
  • beading
  • crocheting.

3. Hello Bible

From $21.90 / monthly
Hello Bible is a monthly subscription box meant to help children and their families grow in faith. Each box is filled with items like craft materials and teaching guides through which children can learn all about the Bible. Because the box is meant for the whole family, subscribers may choose to add materials for up for four kids. Plus, a portion of every subscription goes to providing education for children in Kilgoris, Kenya. For every 50 Hello Bible boxes shipped, one child can attend elementary school in Kenya for one year. Every 100 Hello Bible boxes shipped contributes enough to pay a teacher’s salary for one year.

4. The Mass Box

From $14.95 / monthly
Catholic children can prepare for upcoming Mass with The Mass Box. This monthly subscription box consists of a month’s worth of readings, crafts, and quiet activities for use in church — all of which relate to that month’s Masses. The subscription boxes for Christian children are meant to get children involved in Mass and can be packed for 1-3 children ages 5-8.

5. Faith & Family Subscription Box

From $32.00 / monthly
Families who Bible study together will love the Faith & Family Subscription Box. Suitable for family members of every age, this popular subscription box provides a family with everything they need for a faith-filled evening of fun. The carefully curated boxes are themed, and typically include:

  • snacks
  • discussion questions
  • games
  • stickers.

6. Kids Faith Krate

From $28.99 / monthly
Perfect for children aged 4-10, the Kids Faith Krate is designed to help a child grow in his or her Christian faith. Each box follows a particular Biblical topic suitable for the time of year. Past topics have included:

  • love (February)
  • gratitude (November)
  • Christmas (December), to name a few

Included in each box are a craft to enjoy for every week of the month, cards prompting family discipleship, a memory verse, and some other fun goodies.

7. Saint Albert’s Science Crate

From $34.00 / monthly
Not only did Saint Albert teach about virtues and the importance of being a good person, but he was also a scientist! The Saint Albert’s Science Crate, designed for children ages 8-18, is a monthly subscription box packed with step-by-step projects relating to:

  • science
  • technology
  • engineering
  • mathematics

Not only do the projects inspire learning, but they also act as exercises in passion, patience, and perseverance. Past projects have included:

  • building a boat
  • building an LED Christmas tree
  • putting together solar-powered bugs that actually crawl once charged.

8. The Craft of Faith

From $39.95 / monthly
The Craft of Faith is a monthly subscription box that uses crafting as a study tool for learning about the Bible. The box can be enjoyed by the whole family. It includes four unique Bible-themed craft projects based on lessons in the:

  • Old Testament
  • New Testament
  • Psalms
  • Proverbs

Each children’s subscription box also includes a parent guide, scripture cards boasting beautiful illustrations, and easy-to-communicate Biblical morals.

9. Godly Girlz Box

$35.95  / bi-monthly
Perfect for Christian girls ages 8-13, the Godly Girlz Box is a bi-monthly surprise of everything girls love. Typical items include Christian t-shirts, fashion accessories, edible goodies, and much more. Each box follows a new theme such as “Christmas,” “Summer,” and “Love.” As an added bonus, for every Godly Girlz Box shipped, a meal is donated to the Christian charity Food for the Poor.

10. Bible Time Fun

From $39.99 / monthly
The Bible Time Fun subscription box is perfect for families who want to teach their preschool-aged children about God and the Bible. Cumulatively, the boxes make up a 52-week devotional curriculum. Each subscription box for Christian children includes:

  • Bible stores
  • crafts
  • activities
  • other fun goodies meant to delight and inspire.

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