Can I Get a Degree in Biology from a Christian College?

Can I Get a Degree in Biology from a Christian CollegeWhile this might seem like an odd question, some people actually think that a Christian college would ignore one of the most basic disciplines of science. However, there are a number of different Christian colleges and universities that offer degrees in the biological sciences.

Many Christian colleges place most of their theological focus in the liberal arts areas and maintain a strong scientific foundation in their science programs. Since biology is one of the stepping stone sciences involved with numerous other areas, these learning institutions incorporate biological degrees into their curriculum. In fact, some Christian universities have courses in evolution available to their students, showing that all learning disciplines are welcome.

It is important to remember that a college or university, while maintaining Christian principles, also has a commitment to the attending students to provide the best education possible. The science programs at those schools will often meet or exceed the educational standards for whichever field is being examined.

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The Importance of Science

Biological sciences is one of the fundamental building block subjects for anyone interested in pursuing any sort of medical education. Therefore, it is imperative to understand most colleges and universities, regardless of any religious affiliation, have strong science regimen courses in place.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an individual with a biology-related degree has a vast field of available occupations to choose from, ranging from biological technicians to zoologists and wildlife biologists. Regardless of where the degree was earned, individuals with those biology-related degrees are part of an ever-growing job market, especially when examining the multiple avenues for the healthcare industry.

Christianity and Science

While there might be a perception that science and Christianity are polar opposites, most people understand that Christians accept science as a valid part of their worldview. While there might be some elements of the Christian religion that reject science for religious reasons, most Christians readily incorporate science into their day-to-day life. For example, when a Christian becomes ill, he will go to a doctor, as well as pray, illustrating that science and religious views are not mutually exclusive. When it comes to areas such as healthcare, a strong background in science is mandatory.

Christian Colleges and Science

Anyone looking for a Christian college offering a degree in any of the biological sciences would find several outstanding institutions to choose from. These learning establishments offer courses in cellular diseases and microbiology, as well as chemistry and biochemistry. In addition, these universities offer various degrees in many of the other sciences. These include degrees in chemistry, physics, medicine, and psychology. The overall Christian viewpoint of the school does not preclude a student from receiving a proper and valid education.

A biology-related degree is usually one of the mandatory requirements for individuals looking to engage in any of the healthcare fields, especially on an administrative or management level. With healthcare professionals being one of the most in-demand professions currently available, the degree might well become the first stepping stone to a long-lasting and solid scientific career.

Students wishing to study the biological sciences while maintaining their faith will find great options available to them. Christian colleges offer the environment necessary for students to explore the biological sciences, integrate their faith, and create an education for a successful future.

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