Christian Colleges in New York

Details about New York Christian Colleges

New York Christian Colleges provide students with a higher education that incorporates the principles of Christian faith. Bible Colleges in New York are located throughout the state and many offer both traditional and biblical degree programs. Davis College, Houghton College, and Roberts Wesleyan College are examples of New York Bible Colleges. Davis College is a Bible-centered institution that is dedicated to making a global impact for Jesus Christ by providing students with the knowledge and abilities needed to service and leadership within the church, Christian organizations, and the world. It offers undergraduate programs at the diploma, certificate, associate degree, and bachelor’s degree levels. Houghton College is a Christ-centered liberal arts school that is affiliated with the Wesleyan Church. It offers two and four-year undergraduate programs in about 46 majors. It also offers two master’s degrees in music. Roberts Wesleyan College is committed to transforming leadership through spiritual development, scholarship, and service. Its mission is to provide the best education that addresses each student’s physical, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects. It offers over 50 academic, professional, and pre-professional programs including a contemporary ministries program. In addition to the campus-based postsecondary Christian schools, there are numerous Online Christian Colleges in New York.

New York Online Christian College, Financial Aid, and Scholarships

A lot of accredited Bible Colleges in New York offer online programs and courses to meet the needs of students with other obligations who are seeking a more flexible route for completing their higher education. Examples of the top Online Christian Colleges in New York include Roberts Wesleyan College and Davis College. Roberts Wesleyan College is one of the best online options in the state, as it offers online programs at the bachelor’s and master’s degree levels in nursing, management, business, and health information administration. Davis College offers a variety of online courses. The state of New York offers various state-funded programs like the Tuition Assistance Program and the NYS Educational Opportunity Program. There are also scholarships available for students attending New York Christian Colleges such as the Young Christian Leaders Scholarship and Heart for Ministry Scholarship.

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