Somerset Christian College

Pillar College Somerset

Somerset Christian College (SCC) is owned by the Pillar of Fire International. It was originally the Zarepath Bible Institute and Alma White College, both established by the Pillar of Fire International to train teachers, missionaries and preachers. A private evangelical college established in 2001, its main campus is located in Zarepath in New Jersey’s Somerset Country. The institution was approved by the New Jersey Commission on Higher Education in 2006 to offer four-year degrees in Bachelor of Arts.


SCC’s mission is to develop its students intellectually, spiritually and socially through the provision of a Christian education based on faith and love. As an institution run by the Pillar of Fire International, Somerset Christian College follows the Wesleyan-Arminian tradition.

The former Pillar of Fire Church was founded by Alma Bridwell White in 1901. It developed from the Methodist Episcopal Church and the American Holiness Movement when it first became the Penticostal Union. The religious organization was the first to have a female Bishop in the U.S. as its main founder and also supported women’s equality.


SCC has its main campus on Liberty Square in the Franklin Township of Somerset County in the state of New Jersey. Classes in the campus, however, were moved to the Stonecrest Church in Warren when the 2011 floods brought by Hurricane Irene hit the school grounds.


Somerset Christian College provides quality and cost-effective education to its students. Each year, its tuition and other fees are adjusted according to the economic conditions in compliance with the college and industry standards. The estimated yearly tuition for a full time student is pegged at $15,450. New students are required to pay a non-refundable deposit of $100.

Financial Aid

In keeping with its commitment to offer affordable college education, SCC provides a financial aid program for its students. This covers grants, scholarships, loans and employment. Majority of those who apply for financial assistance get approved. To apply for financial aid, students need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Student Population

This Christian college has nearly 300 students both full time and part time. Owing to the small student body as well as an interactive classroom setting, learners here often develop close friendships.

The student population of SCC is composed of students of varied races and theological background. Some students enrolled in the institution already have some college credits and degrees while some come directly from high school.

Academic Areas of Study

SCC offers four-year Bachelor of Arts degree programs. Areas of study include biblical studies, business administration and management, counseling psychology, music, communication studies, family therapy and youth ministry among others. An associate degree program is available as well focusing on psychology and counseling as well as business administration and management.

The school also offers the Life Enhancing Accelerated Degree (LEAD) program that allows students to complete their four-year college education in a period of less than two years.

Primary Accreditation

Somerset Christian College is an accredited not-for-profit institution. Its accreditation was granted by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and the Association for Biblical Higher Education.

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