5 Christian Blogs for College Students

Students attending college may be interested in learning how to live in a way that honors their faith while allowing them to enjoy life. Young adults face many temptations when they leave home for the first time. Subjects of interest to these young adults may include dating, modesty, missions work, family life, and understanding Scripture.

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Below are five blogs which provide insight into serving God while attending college.

Life is a Dare

Written by Rebecca Lindenbach, this blog provides Christian students with tips on college life. From studying to joining and participating in small groups, the author gives advice based on Scripture. Since college is a time many young adults start dating, she discusses what the Bible says about purity in relationships and marriage. The author is a student herself. As a result, she is able to provide students with the experience gained by one of their peers.

Ms. Lindenbach writes with an enthusiasm that is obvious in her writing. Her belief in honesty is clear; she doesn’t pull any punches or apologize for her opinions. Students will find her writings easy to read and enjoyable.

One Thing Alone

The author writes for Christians of all ages. Whether their interests include finding quiet time or health and fitness, they will be sure to find a relevant article. Her ultimate goal is to see readers form a deeper and more intimate relationship with God. She offers tips for non-conventional students as well.

As the child of missionary parents, the blog’s author has a lifetime of experience serving God. She is a busy mom and wife and understands how life can get in the way of intimacy with God. Busy college students will relate to the desire to worship and serve while juggling classes and work.

The Joy of the Pursuit

Marsha Alexandria is a student studying for her masters degree. She writes from the perspective of a busy student and evangelist trying to find balance in her life. As a teenager seeking popularity, she faced the struggle of putting God first. She provides examples of mistakes she made and tips on how to avoid them.

Students needing a fresh take on the Scriptures will appreciate her honesty. She admits to boredom with certain passages as well as trying to rush through Bible study. Through it all, she provides hope to students that they will find God as they serve Him in their college career.

Recklessly Alive

This blog by Sam Eaton is a good choice for both Christian college students as well as non-Christians. The author has a passion for Christ, writing, friendship, and youth ministry. Eaton writes about his self-proclaimed first love, Jesus Christ.

Eaten writes in the same way he ministers; with energy and love. From traveling, youth ministry, music, and friendship, he ties the Bible into everyday life. Fans of contemporary Christian music will enjoy his playlists of songs for all situations. Whether students desire to be a minister, poet, business worker, or missionary, they’ll find methods to glorify God in this blogger’s work.


This blog, written for the modern young woman seeking to live a Godly life, covers a variety of topics. These writings include Biblical advice on modesty, femininity, relationships, prayer, and discipleship. There are daily devotionals available as well as a prayer wall for those seeking prayer.

The section for college students discusses maintaining a healthy lifestyle and avoiding temptation. The articles give advice for incoming freshmen as well as seniors getting ready to graduate. There are also recommendations for self-care and community building. Whether a student is well-versed in the Bible or a new believer, Tirzah will help keep them on the straight and narrow path.

Students starting college have bloggers of the faith ready to impart their valuable experience. This list is a place for students to start. The listed blogs will feature other valuable links which can provide students with further lessons on glorifying God, from others who have learned those lessons the hard way.