5 Reasons to Pursue a Nursing Degree at a Christian College

5 Benefits of Christian College Nursing Programs

  • Christian Values
  • Small Class Sizes
  • More Financial Aid
  • Community Centered
  • Biblical Outlook

Those who want to work as nurses often want to know if there are any reasons they should pursue a nursing degree at a Christian college. These colleges have an affiliation with a specific religious group or organization and usually have honors codes that students must follow or risk expulsion. Students who want to pass the national nursing exam will find some key reasons to attend one of these schools.

1. Christian Values

One reason future nurses choose these colleges is that they want to express their Christian values. They may have different opinions or outlooks on the world than their peers at traditional schools do. At a Christian school, future nurses can develop a good bedside manner and learn how they can share their faith with patients. That might help patients feel more confident about their doctor appointments and hospital stays.

2. Small Class Sizes

The average size of a class at a college can vary because of the number of students admitted each year. At a major public university, students may sit in a lecture hall with hundreds of other students. Christian colleges are typically more selective and have much smaller class sizes. A nursing student might take classes with a total of 20 people in the room. This gives students the chance to talk with their professors and get extra help when they need it as well as feel more comfortable speaking in front of others.

3. More Financial Aid

One of the main reasons to pursue a nursing degree at a Christian college is because of the financial aid available. Many of these schools offer both state and federal aid as well as institutional aid. Institutional aid can include grants designed for students who attended a Christian high school and the children of pastors and missionaries. Some schools also offer grants that will match any funds that students’ churches raise for them. Nurses can graduate with less debt when they attend a Christian college.

4. Community Centered

Nursing programs feature both courses and clinical work. During their clinical work, students will work in hospitals and other facilities. They have the chance to interact with patients and perform simple procedures such as taking vital signs and getting a patient’s medical history. Christian colleges center on the community as a whole rather than the individual school. This allows students to make connections as they do their clinical work and use those connections to secure jobs once they pass the national exam and get their licenses.

5. Biblical Outlook

Another benefit of attending a Christian college is that it provides students with the chance to develop a biblical outlook that will help them in the real world. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for nurses today is $71,30 per year. Nurses can work in private hospitals affiliated with different religious organizations or in secular facilities. Those who work in secular institutions can carry their religious beliefs into those jobs. They learn more about religion and how they can express their beliefs while in college. Christian colleges can also help students find organizations that they can join to meet nurses who share the same beliefs.

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Christian colleges often require that students take two or more religion classes. Some schools also require that students attend church services every week or a certain number of services each semester. These schools have some benefits for students too. The reasons to pursue a nursing degree at a Christian college include helping students develop a biblical outlook and the small size of classes.

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