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Degrees Offered at Grove City College

Grove City College appears in our ranking of the Top 10 Biology, Biological and Biomedical Sciences Degree Programs at Christian Colleges.

Grove City College is a small, private liberal arts college known for its liberal arts and religious curriculum. The school has no graduate school. The school offers bachelor of arts or bachelor of science degrees.

Being a Christian school, GCC requires students to take a common humanities and religious studies core. This core includes classes, like Civilization and the Biblical Revelation, Western Civilization: Historical and Intellectual Foundations and Civilization and the Arts to mention but a few.

The school also has a strong writing program. While students can get a writing minor, the purpose of the program is broader than providing students with a minor. Students at GCC are expected to have the tools to express themselves and their thoughts clearly in writing.

GCC students can delve into majors and minors, like Christian ministries, classical studies, philosophy, chemistry, music and music business, accounting, business, communication and visual arts, computer science, robotics, and history. Classes are offered both on campus and online, depending on the program and the class.

Finally, GCC offers high school students dual enrollment opportunities. The classes that high school students take through Grove City College allow them to earn college credit while they’re still in high school.

About Grove City College

Grove City College is a Christian liberal arts college that provides its students with a core curriculum in the liberal arts and religious studies. It’s located in Pennsylvania in Grove City. At one time, the school was affiliated with the Presbyterian Church, though now it is a non-denominational school.

The Young America’s Foundation has rated Grove City College as one of the top 10 schools on its Conservative Colleges list. The school also regularly gets nods from US News and World Report, Consumers Digest and USA Today for being a top value college and a top liberal arts college. Students from GCC also regularly get nods for their knowledge of US history, economy, public policy, civics and international relations. The school has about 150 activities and student organizations that include the symphonic orchestra, the swing dance club, and a glee club.

Grove City College students often choose the school because of its Christian environment and liberal arts curriculum. The coursework covers topics in western civilization, literature, music, art, and philosophy of science. Students have a foreign language requirement and a math proficiency requirement as well. The study body has about an equal ratio of male and female students, and GCC was one of the country’s first colleges to admit a co-ed student body.

GCC has ties to a number of think tanks. These institutions are known for their research on topics, like the minimum wage, the environment, and education. These organizations include the Lone Mountain Coalition and the National Center for Neighborhood Enterprise.

Grove City College Accreditation

The Middle States Commission on Higher Education provides Grove City College with its accreditation. The school also has several professional affiliations, like the National Association of Colleges and Employers and the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Grove City College Application Requirements

The process for applying to Grove City College is about the same as it is for applying to other colleges and universities, with some exceptions. The school’s application requirements and exceptions are cataloged below.

In order to apply to GCC, incoming students must:

  • Fill out the Grove City College application for admission
  • Submit transcripts from any college or high school attended
  • Write an essay based on a topic provided by Grove City College
  • Provide the school with test scores: ACT, SAT or CLT
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Pay $50 application fee
  • Pay the $250 acceptance deposit (once the student accepts admission)
  • Submit regular decision or early decision forms
  • A transfer credit request for students who have attended other colleges
  • TOEFL or IELTS test scores for international students

The recommendation letters the school requires are specific. One should come from the student’s principal, teacher or guidance counselor. The other one must come from a member of the clergy or someone who knows the student’s spiritual character well.

Grove City College also recommends that applicants participate in an on-campus interview and include a resume or CV in their application materials. Transfer students are able to use the Transfer Evaluation System if they wish to.

While students can be undeclared coming in, the school recommends that students try to declare a major. Each major has limited openings. Declaring a major helps the school with shaping its overall class structure and helps to ensure that students get into the major of choice.

Additionally, GCC offers high school students the opportunity to apply for dual enrollment at a significant discount. These classes are offered on campus and online to fit students’ lifestyles and schedules. Taking these classes allows students to fulfill some of their college requirements before they enter university.

To apply for this educational track, dual-enrollment students must:

  • Fill out Grove City College’s dual enrollment application
  • Submit a high school transcript
  • Have parents fill out the parental consent form
  • Submit the school authorization form

Tuition and Financial Aid

Grove City College strives to make its tuition reasonable and to provide students with a means to pay for it. To that end, the school commits to pricing tuition at honest rates and to helping students acquire financial aid to meet their tuition costs.

Attending Grove City College costs just under $19,000 per year. Room and board and other fees run just under $11,000 per annum.

To help students pay these costs, the school offers GCC students opportunities for student employment, student loans and scholarships. It also recommends that incoming students take the time to look for outside scholarships in order to pay for their education. Scholarships are need-based and merit-based.

The school does not participate in federal funding programs. This includes programs for veterans. Instead, the school offers students Grove City College Student Loans through PNC Bank. Students can find information about how to apply for this funding on the Grove City College site.

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