5 Careers for Bible Scholars

Biblical Scholar Careers

  • Pastors or Associate Pastors
  • Youth Ministers
  • Humanitarian Workers
  • Foreign or Domestic Missionaries
  • College or University Instructors

Careers for Bible scholars are highly flexible and include a broad range of both domestic and foreign job opportunities. A career in biblical studies is ideal for students who are interested in such things as theology, biblical story structures, scripture interpretation, and historical cultures. Although there are many different paths that biblical scholars may choose to take, five of the most popular paths are described below.

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1. Pastors or Associate Pastors

Some of the most popular careers for scholars of biblical studies are pastors and associate pastors. Pastors are essentially the leaders of their churches, and associate pastor are the second in charge. Associate pastors assist pastors whenever necessary. In addition to providing regular sermons, pastors and associate pastors are also responsible for such things as providing counseling to church members, conducting baptisms, officiating at weddings and funerals, assisting members during times of crisis, and managing church budgets.

2. Youth Ministers

An ideal career for biblical scholars who enjoy working with young people is that of a youth minister. Youth ministers work with children, teens, and young adults to promote religious and biblical studies, education, and awareness. They accomplish this through a variety of church programs including Bible-related study classes, youth-focused missionary trips, and community outreach programs. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean annual salary for clergy workers (including youth ministers) in the U.S. during the year 2017 was $50,800.

3. Humanitarian Workers

Also known as aid workers, humanitarian workers are those persons who dedicate their lives to assisting people in times of natural disasters, environmental issues, and wars. Their responsibilities vary depending on the circumstances of the emergency at hand but can include such things as assessing emergency situations, implementing emergency activities, distributing humanitarian aid, coordinating activities of staff and volunteers, and managing donations and budgets. Students who would like to obtain positions in this area will need to complete studies in theology, social sciences, engineering, and communications.

4. Foreign or Domestic Missionaries

Another great career for biblical scholars is that of a missionary. Missionaries can work on domestic or foreign levels, and their main goal is to educate people about the Christian faith. Missionaries can work individually or in groups. Their tasks often vary depending on their goals for a particular situation but can include teaching religion in classroom or church settings, taking part in community building, and assisting in soup kitchens or health clinics. Students who would like to become missionaries will need to complete studies in such areas as religion, foreign languages, communications, and sociology.

5. College or University Instructors

Biblical scholars who are interested in teaching on the college or university level may want to consider becoming a biblical studies or theology instructor. While a bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement to obtain an instructor’s position at most two-year colleges, students will need to earn a Ph.D. to become a professor at a university. Biblical studies and theology instructors educate their students in such areas as religion, theology, and philosophy. Other tasks include planning coursework, grading assignments, and coaching students when necessary.

Persons who are interested in biblical studies have a wide array of exciting careers to choose from. And while there are many terrific careers for Bible scholars, the five careers described above are among the most popular today.