What Types of Jobs Are Available With a Degree in Religious Studies?

Religious Studies DegreeIf you have given any consideration to the pursuit of an education in the field of religious studies, you may be wondering about the types of jobs available with a degree in religious studies. By reading the data found below, you can obtain an answer to this question and several others that pertain to the field of religious studies.

Religious Studies – A Brief Overview

Although broadly defined, the field of religious studies is basically one in which students learn about a wide variety of topics that pertain to the subject of religion. This can include general and specific information regarding the five major world religions-Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism. The field of religious studies can also cover several other pertinent subjects such as new religious movements, cults, and various philosophical concepts that give shape and substance to discourse regarding religion.

Job Opportunities

Individuals who opt to attain a degree in religious studies will have a wide range of job opportunities, not all of which will pertain directly to their chosen field of study. Some of the job opportunities that religious studies degree program graduates will be able to access include:

Religious Studies Professor/Instructor

Individuals who obtain a graduate-level degree in religious studies will have the option to pursue a position as a professor. Although job duties can vary, the religious studies professor is typically responsible for teaching courses that pertain to subjects such as philosophy, religion, and theology. In addition to teaching, these professors will often conduct research and publish their findings. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that postsecondary teachers earn an average annual salary of $68,970 per year.

Executive Director of a Non-Profit Organization

Individuals who obtain a degree in religious studies are typically ideal candidates for positions in the non-profit sector, because both fields are intricately connected to the concrete and abstract significance and purpose of providing social service programs to the public. There are a variety of positions within the non-profit sector that an individual with a religious studies degree could pursue, and one of them is an executive director. Executive directors will typically fulfill a wide range of duties and obligations within the organizations they serve, and some of them can include leading and motivating the staff and making executive decisions regarding things such as fund allocation and program design. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that top level executives earn about $101,650 per year or $48.87 per hour.

Administrative Assistant

Since attaining a religious studies degree typically incorporates the acquisition and development of skill in the fields of reading and writing, individuals who obtain this type of education are oftentimes ideal candidates for positions as administrative assistants. Although the roles and responsibilities of an administrative assistant are diverse, they are typically responsible for performing routine administrative and clerical duties such as drafting messages, organizing files, scheduling appointments, and supporting other staff members in accomplishing their professional objectives. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that administrative assistants earn an annual average salary of $35,330 per year or $16.99 per hour.


If you have given any consideration to obtaining a degree in the field of religious studies, you should know that doing so can provide you with a wide range of personally and professionally rewarding career opportunities. Now that you are aware of several types of jobs available with a degree in religious studies, you can determine which vocational path would be most suitable for you.

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