5 Podcasts for Graphic Design Students

Top 5 Podcasts for Graphic Design Students

  • The Deep End Design
  • Adventures in Design
  • The Honest Designers Show
  • The Futur
  • Overtime

The best podcasts for graphic design students are popular shows that cover topics related to the business and production of graphic design. Podcasting has become a popular way to reach audiences and teach the techniques of art and design. Many of the world’s top designers have created talk shows and instructional programs in this format. The shows on this list are available on all major podcasting platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and others. For students learning the ins and outs of graphic design, subscribing to one or more of these titles could be an easy way to learn more about their chosen profession. The following podcasts are the five most popular and authoritative shows available in the world of graphic design podcasting.

1. The Deep End Design

The Deep End Design is one of the top graphic design podcasts for students because it offers a general overview of the most common projects performed by professionals in the industry. It is presented by Wes McDowell, Mikelle Morrison and Nick Longo. The Deep End Design podcast has been around since 2015, and it delivers weekly tips about dealing with clients, completing projects on time, finding inspiration and running a graphic design business.

2. Adventures in Design

Mark Brickey hosts Adventures in Design, a graphic design podcast that has been in production since 2018. It is one of the top-rated shows in this genre, and each week it offers listeners a detailed peek into the world of art and design. The focus of Adventures in Design is on the entertainment side of the design industry. Graphic design students can consider this popular podcast a good entry point into a fulfilling career as a visual designer.

3. The Honest Designers Show

The Honest Designers Show is a highly entertaining podcast about the business and craft of graphic design. It is produced by Design Cuts, a graphic design industry media company. The Honest Designers Show is hosted by long-time professional designers Tom Ross, Ian Barnard, Dustin Lee and Lisa Glanz. Each week, The Honest Designers podcast walks listeners through the trials and challenges of being a professional graphic artist. From typography to marketing, the topics covered by this show are relevant to any budding designer.

4. The Futur

Chris Do is the host of The Futur, a podcast about graphic design, business, branding and user experience design. He is also the host of YouTube’s The Process graphic design channel. The Futur podcast consists of in-depth interviews with a wide range of guests who are intimately familiar with the design and entertainment industries. Some of the top episodes of the podcast include interviews with graphic designers such as Diane Gibbs, Lilian Darmono and Ryan Summers. Chris Do is the founder and CEO of branding company Blind and is also an Emmy-winning film director, designer and media strategist.

5. Overtime

Overtime is a popular design podcast produced by Dribbble, a digital media company that provides design services and instructional guides for graphic design students. Dan Cederholm is the weekly host of Overtime, and he is a professional designer and a co-founder of Dribbble. Podcast episodes of Overtime include riveting interviews with industry experts such as Maggie Enterrios, Meagan Fisher and Maurice Cherry.

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When it comes to learning a new skill, podcasts can provide an easy way to stay focused on getting better. This list of podcasts for graphic design students is the perfect starting point for anyone interested in taking their skills to the next level.