Nebraska Christian College

nebraska christian college

Nebraska Christian College (NCC) is a private, not for profit institution in Papillion, Nebraska founded in 1944. It provides a Bible-focused college education to train students for service and ministry. This Christian college values bible teachings and is committed to developing its students to communicate, love and lead in a spiritual environment.


NCC is a non-denominational institution. It is affiliated with the Stone-Campbell Movement as well as the Christian churches and the churches of Christ. It recognizes the Bible as the absolute authority and the local church as an independent body.


The suburb area of Papillion in the greater Omaha Metro is the site of the NCC campus. This 80-acre of land features an office building, dorm suites, student center, cafeteria and offices for the faculty and staff. This Christian college is situated in a thriving community near a lake, recreational park, restaurants and a shopping mall.


The annual cost of attending college in NCC as a full-time student is estimated at $17,800. This rate if for those living inside the campus and already includes the mandatory fees as well as room and board. Part time students and those living off campus can expect to pay $400 per credit hour.

Financial Aid

Nebraska Christian College wants to make college education at a low cost for its students. It provides a “One Price Plan” that allows students who stay with the institution for four years to pay the same rate for their tuition as well as room and board. In addition, the school offers scholarships, student loans and other forms of financial aid such as the federal work-study program and the federal Stafford loans.

Student Population

The number of students enrolled at NCC is estimated at 164 with 138 of them full-time undergraduates. Around 45 percent of students come from within the state of Nebraska and 55 percent are from out of the state. All live on campus. The institution has a student-faculty ratio of 13:1.

Academic Areas of Study

Three degree programs are offered by Nebraska Christian College. These are the five-year Bachelor of Theology degree, Bachelor of Arts degree which takes four years to complete and the two-year Associate of Arts degree. The Bachelor of Arts degrees cover 40 hours of Bible study. Specific areas of study include general studies, biblical interpretation, children’s ministry, Christian thought and humanities, family life and counseling ministries, preaching ministry, student ministry, worship arts ministry and marketplace ministry.

Primary Accreditation

NCC is an accredited four-year college. The Association for Biblical Higher Education granted the institution’s accreditation.

Athletic Teams

Nebraska Christian College is a member of the Association of Christian College Athletic and the Midwest Christian College Conference. It has two varsity sports teams – one in men’s basketball and another in women’s volleyball. Although it does not offer scholarships to its athletes, the school provides financial aid in other forms. The institution’s athletic program aims to teach its student-athletes the right lessons that they can use not only in playing sports but in the other aspects of their lives as well.

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