Christian Colleges in Arizona

Details about Arizona Christian Colleges

For students looking for Christ-centered faith-based higher education, there are many Arizona Christian Colleges. These schools offer majors that incorporate Christian beliefs and values. Examples of degree programs include biblical studies, Christian ministries, youth ministry, music ministry, theology, and Christian leadership. Many schools also offer regular academic programs such as business, education, nursing, and psychology. Bible Colleges in Arizona are often two-year institutions that offer undergraduate programs. Western Bible College and Indian Bible College are examples of Arizona Bible Colleges. Western Bible College offers biblical instruction to prepare students for gospel services. Indian Bible College prepares students to become Native American Christian leaders. In addition to campus-based schools, there are various Online Christian Colleges in Arizona. For example, Grand Canyon University is an interdenominational university that encourages students to find their purpose in Christ and apply Christian values and ethics to their careers. It offers degree programs in both regular studies and theological disciplines at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels. The Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies is an example of a Christian-based program.

Arizona Online Christian College, Financial Aid, and Scholarships

Arizona’s top Online Christian Colleges offer accredited programs through distance learning formats to provide education to students who have other obligations such as full-time employment or families. Grand Canyon University is ranked among the best Arizona Christian Colleges by the U.S. News and World Report. The Arizona Commission for Postsecondary Education administers the state’s financial aid programs. The state grant programs are available for students attending both public institutions as well as those enrolled at Bible Colleges in Arizona. The grants include the Special Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership, Arizona Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership, and Postsecondary Education Grant. Various scholarships are available to provide further assistance to students pursuing Christian education. Examples include Pierson Missionary Leaders’ Scholarship and Christian Workers’ Dependent Scholarship.

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