What Can I Do With A Degree in Biblical Studies?

Biblical StudiesIf you have a deep interest in the Christian religion, you might be interested in obtaining a degree in Biblical studies. As fascinating as the topic may sound to you, however, you want to be sure that you will be able to find a job in your field upon graduation. Fortunately, there are several fulfilling careers available for those with Biblical studies degrees, and individuals with a wide variety of personal gifts and talents can succeed with such a degree.

Discerning Your Career Path

When considering a degree in Biblical studies, it can be helpful to determine which career path you are most interested in pursuing. Students of Biblical studies might hope to pastor a church and give inspiring homilies each week. Others might aspire to the halls of academia, where they can teach others as well as publish original research in Biblical studies. People who major in Biblical studies also make excellent pastoral associates and religious educators. Missionaries often combine a degree in Biblical studies with another degree in order to bring their faith to others. Many religious counselors have degrees in Biblical studies along with education and certification in counseling. If these careers or similar faith-based ministries appeal to you, you might be an ideal candidate for a Biblical studies program.

Types of Biblical Studies

There are several different types of Biblical studies degree programs available. The program you choose will depend on factors such as

  • The denomination with which you are affiliated
  • The type of work you hope to do following degree completion
  • Your personal academic interests
  • Your overall academic goals

A person planning to pursue graduate or post-graduate work will likely take a different approach to Biblical studies than the individual seeking an associate’s degree. Likewise, those seeking ordination in a specific religious organization will need to meet the educational requirements prescribed by that organization. One of the best things about Biblical studies programs is that programs are available to suit the needs and interests of non-traditional students who want to go into ministry and of academics with the desire for years of study.

Changing Ministerial Careers

The variety and versatility of Biblical studies degrees fit well into the changing career landscape of today. Few people today remain in the same job until retirement. Those who have studied Biblical literature, theology or other ministries often change from one related career to another during their work lives. A new graduate might start a career as a pastoral associate for a large church and later choose to become a hospital chaplain. A Christian counselor might decide to change careers and become a pastor, or the opposite might happen as well. Others with Biblical studies degrees may use the skills their ministry skills at jobs in the for-profit sector, according to Mindware.


There is no shortage of need within society today. Religious individuals with a calling on their lives can fill that calling in a number of different ways. While some Biblical studies majors prefer an academic or contemplative lifestyle and career, others prefer to engage in more charismatic interactions. Whatever calling you have, you can find a place in this world with the help of a degree in Biblical studies.

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