5 Reasons to Choose a Christian College

Reasons to Consider Attending a Christian College

Anyone looking at the history behind most of the universities in the United States will notice most of the prestigious universities, such as Yale and Harvard and Princeton started off as Christian institutions. As time passed, these schools became more secular but there are a vast number of Christian colleges in existence.

  • Religious Importance
  • Financial Considerations
  • Professional Connections
  • A Higher Calling
  • Safe Environment

1. Religious Importance

For some students, it’s important to have an educational experience that coincides with their religious leanings. According to Forbes, more than half of all Americans state the importance of religion in their lives. When it comes to Christians, that number approaches nearly 70 percent. For students wanting to attend a college where they can feel secure about discussing and practicing their faith, Christian colleges appear to have more appeal than secular colleges.

2. Financial Considerations

It’s expensive to attend college today and for many students, financial aid is a necessity. Nearly half the Christian schools in the Top 100 Forbes ranking have generous financial aid packages for their students. There’s still a large amount of money needing to be laid out in order to attend these schools but many of them work with students to help offset the tuition and housing costs. According to U.S. News and World Report, many Christian-based institutions actually charge a lower tuition than secular private colleges.

3. Professional Connections

Another reason many students choose to attend a Christian college is that they feel the professional connections they make while studying will be important to their future. Many Christian colleges have very strong ties with their alumni. When looking for future employment, it is not inconceivable that an alumni member of a Christian college might be inclined to look favorably upon a job applicant who attended the same college.

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4. A Higher Calling

Some students attend Christian colleges because they feel it is part of their higher calling. An article in the New York Times explained about evangelical education, which is a factor at many of the Christian colleges and universities. While some colleges focus on areas such as business management, a number of Christian colleges examine such diverse curricula as Biblical history, literature, and engage in spirited debates over a number of different educational approaches. Many students enjoy studying the various different theologies often examined in Christian colleges and universities.

5. Safe Environment

Students attending Christian colleges and universities claim they feel they are in a safer environment, as opposed to attending a secular school. It is obvious there is a divide in the country and some Christians report feeling “persecuted” at secular colleges. Christian students feel more at ease and more welcome at Christian colleges and universities.

For those students seeking advanced education coinciding with their religious beliefs, attending a Christian college offers the best of both worlds. In addition to the same curriculum found in secular colleges, Christian colleges and universities also offer a wide range of theological courses, creating a well-rounded educational experience.