5 Benefits of Studying Business at a Christian College

A viable option to people of faith, Christian colleges provide an excellent set of advantages that other (standard) schools don’t offer. In the case of business schools, said benefits and opportunities are even vaster.

The Power of Similar Minds

Business is the epitome of careers which require intelligent contribution in a social setting. In an environment like this, what is better than a group of like-minded individuals? In sharp contrast to “different-minded” individuals, like-minded will tend to reach the same conclusion, but in a speedier fashion.

Greater total brain power corresponds to greater swiftness, but in a room of people who all think differently, a more likely scenario is one where there is lesser brainpower and more disagreements.

Resource: The 30 Best Online Christian Colleges in the U.S. 2015

An Outlet

This is the obvious big one, and could be the deciding reason why one might want to attend a religious university – it’s religious! This implies there will be a grand emphasis on religion, and it is true – churches are in abundance, for the more personal side of things, and in terms of one’s intellectual curiosity, classes will always be at one’s disposal which allow for religious and spiritual expansion in terms of the history and culture, general theology, etc. For any person of faith, this richness in religious influence will improve the experience vastly.

America is Christian Nation

In the art of dealing, persuasion is essential – and to persuade someone, it never fails to help the situation if said persuader has similarity with the “persuadee”. Considering that the vast majority of America is fond of Christianity, it is a statistical fact that the community one will be making deals with will most likely be religious. This reasoning gives yet another reason to go to a religious school – the common grounds will almost certainly be useful in one’s future relations.

Spiritual Guidance

There are two types of financial peoples – analysts, who are fond primarily of math and logical reason, and those who are intuitive, who look to God and trust their gut feeling in making decisions. While analysts are spending their time trying to “prove” something, and often miss things out, those intuitive folks will know their decision right away, and with a religious college, this sense is fostered to a great extent. A famous example of this mindset is Warren Buffet, who says (paraphrased), “Investing isn’t a game where the 160 IQ beats the 120 IQ”. Essentially, anyone can look to God for guidance and do well in their pursuits using just their intuition.

Pristine Extracurriculars

Today’s schools are often plagued by corruption manifesting itself in immoral sin, such as underage drinking, drug use, and excessive sexual activity. While this can’t ever be completely avoided, any college of faith, especially one in this category, will most certainly make effort to discourage these activities more so than other schools. Business is about networking, and having these activities most definitely would not compliment that – hence, all said colleges will have extracurricular activities primarily composed of “pure” ideals, e.g. clean concerts, and especially a class of activities centered around faith. Other colleges might have similar activities, to a certain extent, but they will never be as prominent as Christian schools have them.

All in all, if you are a strong person of choice, your decision may or may not be made clear. If it is, congratulations! Regardless, upper school is a milestone in life and something to be given great consideration to, so good luck to you, reader.