What Are My Career Options With a Degree from a Christian School?

career options with christian school degree

CHRISTIAN DEGREE CAREERS include many of the same opportunities that are available to the community at large, according to the American Association of Christian Counselors. Members use Christian education as professional counselors, marriage and family therapists, psychologists, and social workers. The demand for compassionate and trained individuals who can work with all segments of society creates gainful employment for graduates who can serve churches, schools and and outreach groups. The orientation toward Christian principles makes graduates attractive to employers who are concerned about the well being of others. 

Working with Christian Organizations

Outreach groups that focus on meeting the needs of disadvantaged members of society need innovative and resourceful employees who can perform well with limited resources. Fund raising is often a continuing need in non profit organizations where the demand for services usually exceeds supply. A sympathetic person can make people feel better from a psychological standpoint, but tangible items such as food, clothing and shelter are essential.

Some organizations specialize in children’s ministries, and CHRISTIAN DEGREE CAREERS include directing them or assisting the operation as department leaders or as administrative assistants. Food banks are essential now while unemployment and poverty rates are high, and many former donors are now in need of services. Families struggle to provide for their children, and Christian outreach organizations help relieve the difficulties that they face.

Teaching in a Christian School

Options for parents looking for quality education for their children include Christian schools. The American Association of Christian Schools lists associations in more than 40 states. The number of professional organizations reflects a vibrant field that provides CHRISTIAN DEGREE CAREERS and opportunities for graduates to use knowledge acquired in college. Counseling troubled students is an important aspect of teaching in a Christian school, and advising parents is often required as well.

Working with Churches

While churches have a primary role of meeting the religious needs of their congregations, they also have a well defined business aspect. Each one needs people to fill positions and do the work that keeps a church financially solvent. Almost every town has at least one church, and many large communities have one in every area of town. The Hartford Institute for Religion Research reports that there are about 340,000 Christian churches in the United States.

A position as a business administrator or administrative assistant is a key slot in a church’s organizational structure, requiring an understanding of finance as well as human resources. Property management and facility support provide challenges for a person who holds responsibility for the financial obligations of a church. Ministries in a church environment include working with communications, media and technology, art and drama, music and outreach. Many people tend to think that the only jobs in a church are for pastors or priests, but professional CHRISTIAN DEGREE CAREERS make it possible for the ordained leaders to do their jobs.

Adherence to Christian principles is a desirable quality in people who devote their lives to helping others. Traditional fields include counseling, outreach programs, food banks, schools and administrative work as essential contributions to the mission of Christ’s church today. CHRISTIAN DEGREE CAREERS offer opportunities to serve in meaningful ways in a secular or a religious environment.

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