Oak Hills Christian College

oak hills christian college

Oak Hills Christian College (OHCC) was first established in 1925 when six men planned and decided to put up a Christian camp and training facility along Lake Marquette in Minnesota. The school’s name was derived from the oak tree because it was under this tree that the decision to set up the facility got finalized.

In 1949, the training school saw its first graduates composed of four men and three women. Eventually, the institution changed its name several times from the Oak Hills Bible Institute in 1961 to Oak Hills Bible College in 1985. The name today, Oak Hills Christian College was used starting in 1998.

Oak Hills Christian College Beliefs

The goal of Oak Hills Christian College is to teach and equip its students with the proper knowledge and skills that will enable them to become effective servants of Jesus Christ. It believes in the Scriptures, the Godhead, Savior, Holy Spirit and Man as well as in the salvation of sinners, eternal life, two destinies, the church and one commission.


OHCC is located on 1600 Oak Hills Road SW in Bemidji, Minnesota. The campus sits on 180 acres of land along the shores of Lake Marquette. Bemidji is a center for education, entertainment, healthcare, shopping and recreation. Being a lakeside campus, students can enjoy a quiet environment conducive to learning.


The cost of studying at the Oak Hills Christian College as a full-time student is $19,850. This already includes the tuition, room and board and student activity fee.

Financial Aid

Students at OHCC can avail of financial assistance provided by the institution. Financial aid available includes federal/state programs, private scholarships, grants and on-campus jobs.

Student Population

The average class size at OHCC is 18 students. The student-faculty ratio is 11:1. Each year, some 150 students are accepted to the college.

Academic Areas of Study

This interdenominational college offers nine bachelor degrees, two associate degrees and one-year certificate programs. OHCC values biblical education. As such, its Bachelor of Arts degrees offer majors in biblical studies and children’s ministry, intercultural studies, pastoral ministry, worship arts and youth ministry while its Bachelor of Science degrees offer majors in biblical studies and applied psychology as well as biblical studies and small business administration.

Its two-year associate degree programs also combine general education with Bible and Christian Ministry classes.

Primary Accreditation

Oak Hills Christian College is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation’s Association for Biblical Higher Education. It is also a charter member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. Being a non-denominational institution, its students, faculty and staff come from different church organizations.

Oak Hills Christian College Athletic Team

Oak Hills Christian College’s athletic program focuses on teamwork and good sportsmanship. Through t the program, student athletes are encouraged to show their love for God not only to their teammates but as well as their competitors.

The athletic teams of OHCC belong to the Northern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (NIAC). It is also a member of the Association of Christian College Athletics (ACCA) and the Manitoba Colleges Athletic Conference (MCAC). They compete in men’s basketball and women’s volleyball.

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