Christian Colleges in Montana

Details about Montana Christian Colleges

Montana Bible College

The mission of this Bozeman Bible College is to train men and women for a lifetime of service to Christ. With state-of-the-art facilities and majors ranging from Biblical Studies to Outdoor Ministry, Montana Bible College is a great undergraduate Bible college in a breathtaking setting.

Montana Wilderness School of the Bible

As its name suggests, Montana Wilderness School of the Bible provides a Christ-centered education over a year in the wilderness of Augusta, Montana. Though not a traditional four-year university, MWSB provides a variety of courses to help enrich the curriculum of any student seeking to expand their knowledge and their faith.

Arrowhead Bible College

Another one-year faith-based college, Arrowhead Bible College (near Fishtail) strives to prepare students for a lifetime of service to the church and the world. The academic program is the same for all students, helping to foster the feeling of family and a united body in Christ.

Yellowstone Baptist College

Located in Billings, Yellowstone Baptist College offers a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Leadership. Through the four-year program, students are given the opportunity to earn a Christ-centered education with their own choice of a minor. Yellowstone Baptist College is the most recent addition to the Southern Baptist community, and the only Southern Baptist college in the Northwest.

Online Christian Colleges, Financial Aid, and Scholarships

Due to small class sizes, and sometimes small program sizes, none of the Christian colleges based in Montana offer online degree programs. The availability of individual online courses depends on each school, but the fostering of a family environment and in-person instruction is the focus of nearly all of the schools. For those students wishing to find a faith-based degree program online, there are many options from out-of-state colleges and universities. Financial aid is available for each school — one-year programs at Montana Wilderness School of the Bible and Arrowhead Bible College included. Students should speak to the admissions and financial aid departments of their prospective schools for details on private aid and scholarships.

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