10 Best Subscription Boxes for Christian Women

Subscription Boxes for Christian Women

Whether you’re looking for just the right gift for yourself or someone else, a subscription box for Christian women is a perfect option. As it turns out, there are many different Christian-themed subscriptions from which to choose. Nearly all are packed with inspiring and thoughtful gifts like books, journals, self-care items, and edible treats. Keep scrolling for our pick of the 10 best subscription boxes for Christian women!

1. Purp-ess Box

From $9.00 / month
The Purp-ess Box is a monthly subscription box for Christian women that promises to bring comfort of all kinds to one’s doorstep each month. Short for “Purposeful Essentials,” the Purp-Ess box is filled with all-natural products created by the Shade Mountain Naturals company. Boxes come in one of two themes — Lathered or Splish Splash — and include themed self-care products and a Biblical message. Self-care items include things like body butter, sugar scrubs, bath bombs, moisturizing cremes, and more. As an added bonus, 10% of the cost of every Purp-ess Box is donated to a Christian charity.

2. Devotions Delivered

$9.99 / month
Devotions Delivered is a monthly subscription box that really packs a punch. Each month, subscribers receive four beautiful 5×7″ photography prints professionally designed and printed alongside four different Bible verses. Each photo/verse collection revolves around a theme of the subscriber’s choosing based upon what she might need that month.  Examples of themes include “faith” and “love”.

3. Loved + Blessed

$25.00 / month
Loved + Blessed is a monthly subscription service for Christian women and online community. It aims to inspire and encourage Christian women by giving them “the tools they need to choose joy today and have hope for tomorrow.” Each month, subscribers receive a themed box full of things like keepsake devotional cards, a repositionable reminder sticker meant to lift one’s spirit, and feel-good gifts like books, candles, and scarves. The boxes also come with a downloadable workbook. Christian women’s monthly box subscribers may view a weekly course and participate in online fellowship with other Loved + Blessed members.

4. The Believer’s Box

$27.95 / month
Not only does The Believer’s Box aim to feed a woman’s Christian faith, but it also goes to feed hungry families worldwide through Food for the Poor. Indeed, one meal for every box shipped is donated to the Christian charity. Each month, subscribers to The Believer’s Box will receive 5-7 inspiring items such as pass-along scripture cards, wellness products, inspiring Christian jewelry, and more.

5. The Delilah Box

$29.00 / month
The Delilah Box is a unique subscription box for Christian women who wish to “explore the less favored women of the Bible, one month at a time.” Each month’s box is themed around one of the lesser-known, lesser-liked, yet sometimes more relatable women of the Bible. A typical box for Christian women from The Delilah Box includes:

  • two books (both fiction and non-fiction)
  • a relaxation item such as an herbal tea, bath bomb, or Bible journaling item
  • a candle
  • a study brochure to prompt thoughtful reflection about the theme of the month.

6. Bette’s Box of Blessings

$29.99 / month
Bette’s Box of Blessings is as delightful as its name implies. Billed as “the Christian box that helps grow and share your faith,” each Bette’s Box of Blessings is packed with $60-$80 worth of premium gifts. Box contents vary from month-to-month, but past boxes have included things like:

  • journals
  • bookmarks
  • books
  • packs of greeting cards
  • Christian music.

7. The Butterfly Box

$29.99 / month
The Butterfly Box is a beautiful and inspiring monthly subscription box for Christian women. Each month, subscribers receive a thoughtfully curated box of 4-6 high-quality gifts relating to the theme of the month. Box items vary from month-to-month, but past boxes have included things like:

  • scripture decor
  • soaps
  • candles, and other self-care items
  • jewelry
  • books, devotionals, and journals.

8. The Beautiful Fight Box

$35.00 / month
Christian women who like the idea of “fighting for a cause bigger than yourself” will love receiving The Beautiful Fight Box. Each box includes 4-5 items of varying nature, but which all help to fight a pressing global issue. The items, among other things, can include

  • t-shirts
  • books
  • home decor
  • self-care items

All items in these Christian women’s subscription boxes come from a national or international organization working to fight things like poverty, hunger, sex trafficking, or homelessness.

9. HopeBox

From $38.00 / month
HopeBox is the perfect way to send or receive encouragement each month. It’s billed as “the ultimate gift of handmade essentials.” The HopeBox provides encouragement, comfort, support, and celebration to subscribers through carefully curated items such as:

  • hardcover journals
  • jewelry
  • devotional items
  • candy
  • self-care items

Everything included in a HopeBox is handmade in the USA, and each box even comes with a personalized letter. Subscribers may choose from three different box sizes to receive each month:

  • Light (6+ treasures)
  • Classic (10+ treasures)

the Hope Chest ($15+ treasures).


$39.95 / month
UPBOX is Encouragement in a Box!” This subscription box is perfect for Christian women who want a little inspiration and pick-me-up on a monthly basis. Each month’s UPBOX is thoughtfully packed with purposeful items following a theme of the month. Just a few  examples of items include:

  • Scripture and prayer cards
  • candles
  • jewelry
  • lotions and other self-care items

UPBOX subscribers can be sure they’re receiving items that are consciously crafted, cruelty-free, and vegan in their monthly subscription box for Christian women.

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