5 Podcasts for Nursing Students

5 Great Podcasts for Nursing Students

  • Johns Hopkins Health Newsfeed
  • The Nursing Show
  • A Cup of Health with CDC
  • Ausmed – The Handover Nursing Podcast
  • Correctional Nursing Today Podcast

Listening to one of the top five podcasts for nursing students is an ideal way to stay in touch, experience new perspectives and learn something new. These podcasts also touch upon the intersection of personal and professional life. Each of these podcasts offers a good way for nursing students to learn more about the real world of working as a nurse.

1. Johns Hopkins Health Newsfeed

A nursing student who only has a minute or two of quiet time could listen to the Johns Hopkins Health Newsfeed. Each episode is just 60 seconds. Some of the topics include depression, anxiety and opioids. Johns Hopkins also offers podcasts that are more specific, such as ones about cancer or heart disease that might interest a nursing student who wants to go into a type of specialty nursing.

2. The Nursing Show

The Nursing Show is a weekly podcast. It focuses on news, education and guest interviews with nurses who have had a wide variety of experiences, such as those who cared for people sickened with Ebola during the outbreak of 2014 to 2015 in West Africa. The Nursing Show is for nurses at all levels of education and experience. Some of the podcast episodes include topics such as nursing burnout and being subpoenaed by the court system. Each week, a new guest speaks with the host. The host also shares relevant news and medical research.

3. A Cup of Health with CDC

A Cup of Health with CDC is a podcast with health statistics and information that nursing students could use in their classes or use for informing patients about their health. Each episode of the podcast is two to six minutes long. The episodes are hosted by different medical researchers, epidemiologists and physicians from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia. A Cup of Health with CDC is ideal for nursing students who might want to earn a degree in public health or work in infectious disease care.

4. Ausmed – The Handover Nursing Podcast

Based in Australia, Ausmed – The Handover Nursing Podcast is like NPR for nurses and nursing students. It offers a mix of storytelling and medical news from around the world. This podcast offers enhancement of communication skills and helps nurses develop a sense of compassion after hearing the stories of nurses and other medical professionals from around the world. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, compassion is one of the key character traits of a successful registered nurse.

5. Correctional Nursing Today Podcast

Some nurses want to care for under-served populations, and prisoners are one. The large population of prisoners means that there is a high demand for registered nurses to work in the correctional system at the local, state and federal level. Correctional Nursing Today Podcast explores topics of interest to nursing in correctional facilities. Substance abuse, sex trafficking and hepatitis C are a few of the topics that are covered in Correctional Nursing Today Podcast.

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These five podcasts for nursing students offer fresh content on a regular basis. They are good to listen to while exercising, commuting to campus or having coffee. Listening to one or more of these five podcasts for nursing students is an ideal way to learn more about the profession of nursing from a non-academic source.

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