What Can I Do With a Master’s in Ministry?

What Can I Do With a Master's in Ministry

People who would like to pursue a master’s in ministry have several fantastic career options to choose from. Ministry programs instruct students in the theories of theology and prepare them for careers that allow them to provide moral and spiritual guidance to others. But there are some other careers that students with a Master’s in Ministry can pursue as well. In the following section, we will discuss five of the most popular careers for ministry grads today.

Church Ministers

One career that is available for graduates with a Master’s in Ministry degree is that of a church minister. Ministers are religious leaders who conduct worship services in churches, but there are many other things that ministers often do each day as well. Just some of the things that ministers may do include perform services at weddings or funerals, perform baptisms, provide counseling to church members, and visit church members who are ill, disabled, or elderly. Youth ministers specialize in providing spiritual and religious guidance to children and adolescents.


Chaplains are typically non-denominational leaders who conduct religious services for people who cannot visit a church. They perform their services in a variety of settings including military facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, universities, and prisons. They also often provide religious and spiritual counseling to the elderly, persons who are seriously ill, and family members of seriously ill patients. In some cases, chaplains may provide services in the homes of people who are housebound as well. Like ministers, chaplains can also reside over such things as weddings and funerals.

College or University Professors

Another great career path for people who have earned a Master’s in Ministry is to become a college or university professor. As a college or university professor, ministry grads will be able to share their knowledge of religion and theology with students who are interested in obtaining ministry careers after graduation. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, these positions paid an average of $75,750 during the year 2018. More experienced professors earned more than $120,000 during the same year.

Pastoral Counselors

Pastoral counselors are also among the best careers for graduates with a master’s degree in ministry. In addition to a master’s degree in ministry, pastoral counselors should ideally hold an undergraduate degree in psychology or counseling as well. In many cases, these professionals are ministers who provide spiritual and religious counseling to church members, but some pastoral counselors choose to work outside of a church. Their primary goal is to provide guidance and support to clients who are experiencing difficult challenges in their lives.


Ministry is a great career choice for people who are highly interested in the areas of theology and religion. There are several terrific careers available to graduates who have earned a Master’s in Ministry degree, and the four careers described in the previous sections are among the most popular ministry careers today.

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