5 Podcasts for Christian College Students

5 Podcasts Christian College Students Should Follow

  • Jesus Calling: Stories of Faith
  • Conversations with John + Lisa Bevere
  • Free Mustard Seeds
  • The BadChristian Podcast
  • The YoungLife Podcast

College is a challenging time in life. It is arguably a time when youth need their faith the most, as they face stress and temptation daily. It is also a busy time in life, and no matter how much it is needed, faith sometimes takes a backseat. Weekends are used for catching up on sleep or studying. Finals study takes time away from Bible study. There is good news: these five podcasts for Christian college students are easy and enjoyable ways to put faith back on the schedule.

1. Jesus Calling: Stories of Faith

College is full of thrills and achievement, frequently punctuated by crises and meltdowns. When the going gets rough, Jesus Calling: Stories offers uplifting motivation. This weekly podcast is the perfect complement to the daily devotional it was based on. Each episode offers a true story of someone’s faith prevailing through a major test.

2. Conversations with John + Lisa Bevere

College-life suits those who like to be challenged and strive for an above-average future. Chances are, these students approach every area of life this way, including their faith. Listening to Conversations with John + Lisa Bevere will put that spark back in their relationship with God when the stress of college tries to snuff it out. This podcast challenges listeners to think deeply and call on God when facing common situations and controversial topics of our modern society.

3. Free Mustard Seeds

Just as adolescents are beginning to need and want to hear a good sermon the most, they are also reaching a stage when their schedule may not allow for weekly church attendance. Father Patrick Gonyeau is here to the rescue, with Free Mustard Seeds. He created this weekly podcast to spread the joyful word of the Lord to those on the go.

4. The BadChristian Podcast

Sometimes laughter is the best medicine and the best way to God’s heart. The BadChristian Podcast is basically a comedy show with a purpose. Hilarious hosts Matt, Toby, and Joey debate and discuss hot topics through both a Christian and comedic lens. Most episodes provide over an hour of entertainment that will leave listeners feeling both lighthearted and enlightened.

5. YoungLife Podcast

Many young Christians have heard about and even participated in the YoungLife organization. It is a social community for young Christians to engage in unity and fun events. For times when students have to miss a gathering, or for the time in between them, The YoungLife Podcast is now available. The stories and discussions will make listeners feel like they are on a fun retreat.

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Sometimes students need to tune out their dorm mate’s obnoxious music, their friend’s petty drama, their professor’s droning lectures, or their own anxious thoughts. Tune into these five podcasts for Christian college students for the perfect escape. While students walk to class, are on a long road trip, or are falling asleep after a hard day, these Christian podcasts provide instant fellowship when it is most needed.