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Programs at Dallas Theological Seminary

Dallas Theological Seminary appears in our ranking of the 30 Best Theological Seminaries in the United States.

The Dallas Theological Seminary offers 15 programs in various areas of ministry and theology that are delivered in English, as well as a selection of programs offered in Chinese and Spanish. Degree programs are offered at the graduate and doctoral level, and the institution also offers some graduate-level certificate programs. Students may enroll in programs in Dallas, Houston, Washington, D.C., or online.

Ministry master’s degrees include a Master of Theology, Master of Arts in Christian Education, Master of Arts in Cross-Cultural Ministries, and a Master of Media Arts and Worship. The seminary also offers a Master of Arts in Christian Leadership and a Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling. Further graduate degrees are available in general academic areas related to Biblical studies and Christianity.

Additional degrees include the Master of Arts in Biblical Linguistics, the Master of Arts in Christian Studies, and the Master of Biblical and Theological Studies. Students can also enroll in a Certificate of Graduate Studies. Programs require anywhere from 30 hours to 120 hours to complete, with most programs requiring somewhere around 60 hours to finish.

The seminary offers four programs at the doctoral and post-graduate levels. Degrees include a Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Ministry, Master of Sacred Theology, and a Doctor of Educational Ministry. Doctoral programs generally require that students complete anywhere from 30 to 39 credits. All doctoral degrees are available at the Dallas campus, but the Master of Sacred Theology is the only program with some classes offered online.

Many of the seminary’s degrees are available in various concentrations, and students will also complete required courses in areas like Biblical exposition, ministries, systematic theology, and communication. Classes include Expository Preaching, New Testament Introduction, Church in the Modern Era, Elements of Greek, and Elements of Hebrew.

Some of the concentrations that may be available to students in various degree programs include Disability Ministry, Leadership Studies, Intercultural Ministry, Evangelism and Discipline, New Testament Studies, and Apologetics. Students can also choose a General Studies route and take electives that suit their personal interests and eventual career goals in the ministry.

About Dallas Theological Seminary

The Dallas Theological Seminary is an evangelical theological seminary in Dallas, Texas. The seminary has around 2,300 students enrolled at its Dallas campus and also offers classes in the cities of Houston, Washington, D.C., San Antonio, and a handful of other locations. The seminary is known for its multilingual online education program and popularized the principles of dispensationalism within its teachings about the Bible and biblical history.

The seminary’s official motto is Teach Truth, Love Well. It was established in 1924. The seminary’s official color is purple, and there are more than 90 members of the academic staff employed by the seminary. The seminary counts more than 15,000 alumni working in various ministerial capacities around the world.

Dallas Theological Seminary Accreditation Details

Dallas Theological Seminary has been accredited since 1944 with its first accreditation coming from the Board of Regents, State Education Department of the University of the State of New York of Albany. The school transitioned to accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools in 1969.

In 1994, the seminary was accredited by the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada, and that approval was granted for the overall institution. The seminary is a member of several organizations related to theological studies and religion. Memberships include those with the Institute of Theological Studies, the Association of Christian Schools International, and the Evangelical Training Association.

Dallas Theological Seminary Application Requirements

The Dallas Theological Seminary evaluates applications based on four admission factors that include the student’s academic records, his or her references, and how involved the student has been in Christian service. Applications will also be evaluated on how easily the seminary thinks the student will find employment within the Christian ministry. There are also several requirements for admission that include various faith-based affirmations.

While the seminary does offer its degrees as coeducational options, the seminary programs of study are designed for men. Additionally, enrolled students are asked to read and agree with the official doctrinal statement of the seminary, as well as affirm to the community covenant and its list of doctrines that include belief in various Christian principles.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition rates are based on the program a student enters and are billed by the credit. Rates may also differ based on the semester in which a student enrolls. For example, graduate degrees are $571 per credit hour for nine or more credit hours, $598 for one to eight credit hours, and $571 per credit hour for the summer and winter sessions. There are also special rates offered for some programs that include rates for current members of the ministry and YoungLife participants.

Kanakuk, Cru, and YoungLife students in graduate programs will pay $303 per credit hour rather than the rate of $571 to $598 per credit hour. The doctoral programs also have different tuition rates that depend on the enrollment season and the status of the student. Stage one students in Doctor of Philosophy programs will pay $585 per credit hour, and stage two students seeking their doctorates will pay $655 per credit hour. Qualified full-time ministery will pay $415 per credit hour.

According to the university, approximately 85 percent of students are able to graduate from the seminary without taking on any debt. There are more than 150 scholarships available, with over $4.5 million in overall funding available to students. The seminary has fall and spring deadlines for financial aid and enrollment in those two semesters. Students who want to qualify for financial aid in the fall must submit their applications by May 1, and students interested in the spring semester must apply by November 1.

Students who want to qualify for scholarships from the seminary will need to submit an additional application through the seminary’s online portal. One student each year will receive a scholarship that covers the entire cost of tuition. Other students may qualify for scholarships that include the President’s Scholarship, the Last Year Free Scholarship, and the $35K MABC Scholarship. Outside of scholarships at the Dallas Theological Seminary, students can also qualify for the Direct Loan program from the federal government by completing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

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