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Degree Programs Offered at Azusa Pacific University

Azusa Pacific University appears in our ranking of the Top 50 Online Christian Colleges for Future Missionaries.

At Azusa Pacific University, students can choose between online programs and traditional programs designed for graduate and undergraduate students. Undergrads can pick a major in one of nearly 60 fields, though the university does not require that they decide on a major before they enroll. It offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Screenwriting that teaches students how to write for the screen and a youth and family ministries major that prepares them for counseling and helping parishioners. Those who pick the music and worship major have the chance to gain stage and performance experience before they graduate. Azusa Pacific University also offers majors in engineering, math, journalism, English, composition, biology, allied health, and other areas.

With more than 70 doctoral and graduate programs available, students can easily find options that help them achieve their career goals. The university offers several programs for those who primarily speak Spanish and programs for those who work in Korean churches. There is both a Korean Master of Divinity and a Korean Doctorate of Divinity. Each program helps students better understand the Korean culture and how they can use the beliefs of that culture as they work with parishioners. The university’s graduate program in leadership and technology includes concentrations in multiple subject teaching, single subject teaching and teaching students with mild/moderate disabilities. Some of the other graduate programs available at Azusa Pacific University include art education, biotechnology, leadership, nursing, accounting, and social work.

Nine programs are available from the university for professionals who have some experience and already attended college. One of those programs is an RN to BSN, which takes place online. This program helps nurses use some of their past courses to get credit towards a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Students who have any college credits can also earn degrees in psychology, criminal justice and digital media and communication from the university. Azusa Pacific University also offers a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) as a professional program.

There are a total of 26 online programs available from the university too. Some of the certificates that students can earn include teaching English as a second language and teacher librarian. The second program allows students to get the credentials that will let them work as both teachers and librarians in California schools. Graduate students majoring in screenwriting have the chance to see their works produced. The university also offers online programs in nursing, education, management, business, science and art history.

About Azusa Pacific University

Azusa Pacific University is a private university that has a close connection to both the Christian Church and the Protestant Church. The seminary established by the university uses the principles of the Wesleyan and Protestant faiths. Founded in 1899 as the Training School for Christian Workers, it would later become the Pacific Bible College and then Azusa College. It merged with both Los Angeles Pacific College and Arlington College over the years, which led to the college becoming Azusa Pacific University. Also called APU, it now has an Honors College that accepts top students each year and allows them to take advanced courses that will help them become religious leaders. More than 9,900 students now enroll in the more than 100 degree programs offered each year.

Azusa Pacific University Accreditation Details

The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) reviewed the admissions policies and history of APU and decided to grant the university regional accreditation. Regional accreditation is one of the main requirements of the U.S. Department of Education for students seeking financial aid. APU also has accreditation for its programs in physical therapy, theology, nursing, art, music, design, and education programs.

Azusa Pacific University Application Requirements

APU has some minimum standards that students must meet when they apply to an undergraduate program. They need a high school GPA of at least 3.0 and a score of 19/990 on the ACT/SAT. Students who want to transfer from another college must have a cumulative GPA of 2.2 or higher. The early action deadline of November 15 allows students to know by the end of the year whether the university accepted them and allows them to relax during the rest of their senior years. APU has a second deadline of February 15 and a final deadline of June first. Those who apply by this last deadline may wind up on the university’s waitlist. Incoming students are also responsible for providing their transcripts and official scores.

Graduate students have until August 10 to submit their applications, though the university recommends that they apply prior to that deadline. Students need to make sure they have enough time for all their required documents to reach APU and that the programs still have spots open. The main requirements for graduate students include official transcripts and one to three letters of recommendation, which are the same requirements the university has for professional students. They may also need to provide test scores, go through an interview or submit a personal essay, statement or list of goals.

Tuition and Financial Aid

APU undergrads pay $39,640 in tuition and a $580 fee each year. Undergrads who take fewer than 12 credits or more than 18 credits will pay $1,652 per credit hour. Though room and board cost an average of $9,200 a year, this figure can vary when students choose a different type of room or meal plan. Both professional and graduate students pay rates based on their programs and the total number of classes they take. These rates range from $455 to more than $1,000 per credit hour. Online students pay roughly the same amount that traditional undergraduate and graduate students do.

Federal and state financial aid can seriously reduce the cost of attending APU. Students can get that aid after they complete the FAFSA and use the right code for the university on that form. Work study, loans, and grants go to students who show they need help on the FAFSA. APU also has its own scholarships that it awards to worthy students every year. The founder’s award is worth $12,000, but the largest prize is the trustees’ scholarship, which covers the total cost of attendance at APU. Each of the scholarships offered by the university is renewable too. Azusa Pacific University recommends that students applying to its degree programs also apply for financial aid.

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