5 Podcasts for Nurses

5 Podcasts for Nurses

  • The Nurse Keith Show
  • Sawbones
  • Nursing Continuing Education
  • Johns Hopkins Medicine Podcasts
  • NPR – Your Health Podcast

Nurses play a critical role in all of the healthcare settings. These five podcasts for nurses are an ideal way for these professionals to continue learning, discover fresh ideas or experience a fresh perspective. Each of these podcasts offers something unique, such as the history of nursing or new research studies that could affect best practices in the workplace. These five great podcasts for nurses are a good way to spend time while commuting, exercising or getting ready for work.

1. The Nurse Keith Show

This podcast for nurses offers career advice. This is a great podcast for someone who has been a staff nurse for a while and is looking for a change. This podcast offers interviews with people who work in different nursing settings. It also includes interviews with nurse managers and head nurses who do the hiring. This is a good podcast for anyone who may be unsure about which type of nursing to enter after completing the RN education, licensure and certification requirements.

2. Sawbones

The Sawbones podcast explores the history of medicine and nursing. It takes a look at the ancient and historical cures for maladies. Some of them might make the listener chuckle. It is also surprising when some of those ancient cures, such as leeches, turn out to be used again in modern nursing and medical practice. The Sawbones takes a humorous perspective on how things used to be done and how far the practice of nursing and the science behind it has changed over the centuries and decades. Sawbones also explores some biographies of famous nurses who made a difference to the profession.

3. Nursing Continuing Education

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, nurses need to maintain their certification. Most state boards of nursing require that nurses earn continuing education units. The Nursing Continuing Education podcast offers both free and paid continuing education units for nurses. The episodes include topics that nurses may encounter in their everyday work, including antibiotic resistance and mental health disorders. The podcasts are available for download in a variety of digital formats.

4. Johns Hopkins Medicine Podcasts

Nurses can stay on top of the latest medical news and research with the Johns Hopkins Medicine Podcasts. They also examine best practices for treating patients, communicating with patients and families and ethics for doctors and nurses. Some of the podcasts focus on policies at the national level that could affect nurses and physicians. Although the Johns Hopkins Medicine Podcasts are focused on the hospital setting, many of the episodes do take a look at nursing and medicine in other types of clinical environments.

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5. NPR – Your Health Podcast

Get the latest in unbiased nursing and medical news with the NPR – Your Health Podcast. This podcast features information about medical news, research and discoveries that affect a person’s health. It is not too technical, which makes it ideal for a general staff nurse. Even specialist nurses such as pediatric or cardiac nurses will learn a lot from this podcast. These free podcasts explore a wide range of topics. They examine acute and chronic diseases, treatments, injuries, newly discovered infections, risk factors for chronic disease and more.

Each of these podcasts offers helpful information for nurses. The episodes are only 10 to 30 minutes long, making them easy to fit into a busy schedule. Consider listening to one of these five podcasts for nurses.