5 Benefits of Studying Psychology at a Christian College

Advantages of a Psychology Education at a Christian College

  • Like-Minded Atmosphere
  • Professional Opportunities
  • Holistic Education
  • Intimate Environment
  • Affordability

Psychology is one of the most popular fields of study in higher education. It is relatable to every person’s everyday life, and it opens up a wide variety of career options. The abundance of programs available is sometimes overwhelming. To narrow down the options, here is some information about five benefits of studying at a Christian college.

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1. Like-Minded Atmosphere

Academia, especially within the social sciences, is sometimes a difficult world in which to belong for believers in Christianity. Psychological and scientific principles and Christian beliefs can, on the surface, be contradictory. Banner author, psychologist, and Christian Sergio Da Silva recounts a story highlighting this very conundrum, and also explains why it does not necessarily need to be the case. Studying amongst students and faculty members with similar outlooks on Christianity can relieve some of this tension and make the processes of learning and career preparation more enjoyable and fulfilling.

2. Professional Opportunities

Regardless of whether or not one intends to pursue a career in a Christian-based environment, a degree from a College incorporating Christian values can be an asset. It shows a commitment to upholding one’s values in every endeavor. It conveys a value for compassion and loyalty, two things that most employers look for from the beginning. Most Christian Universities and Colleges introduce the same intellectual material as any other institution, yet also incorporate instruction on how best to serve others. This is a highly marketable skill in most fields.

3. Holistic Education

Christian schools are among the best at helping students succeed in education as well as in every other area of life. They offer opportunities for emotional health and development, and often incorporate them straight into coursework and graduation requirements. This can be in the form of extra guidance from mentors, student groups, and the same social activities that all college students enjoy but with stricter regulations on behavior. This focus on emotional health is one of the central tenets of the psychological fields in particular, making Christian education institutions especially valuable for students pursuing that path.

4. Intimate Environment

Christian colleges tend to be smaller, which means smaller class sizes and larger instructor to student ratios. This is a benefit, because it allows students more opportunities to seek greater understanding of the material, to participate in deeper discussions, and to get to know one another better. It fosters networking, which is essential to developing successful psychological careers. US News offers additional insights on the benefits of attending smaller colleges.

5. Affordability

Paying for college without going into debt is becoming more difficult as tuition prices rise. Christian colleges and universities tend to be more affordable. They seek more to spread spiritual education than to make a profit, and they want to reach as many students as possible, so they remove the barrier of cost. Sometimes it is also due to the fact that more people are willing to donate to a cause closer to their hearts. People and organizations who hold Christian values in high esteem donate money to Christian colleges and scholarships.

Many Christian students fear studying psychology because of the stereotype that the two cannot coexist. Many students seeking affordability and a more intimate environment overlook Christian colleges for fear of missing out on normal college experiences. In reality, studying at a Christian college could offer the opportunities many students seek.