Can You Attend a Christian College If You Were Homeschooled?

HomeschoolCan you attend a Christian college if homeschooled? The simple answer is yes, but there are several details you need to know about preparing for the transition from homeschooling for high school and attending college at a traditional institution of higher learning.

College Prep Classes

Like any high school student, homeschooled students who plan on attending college need to take classes that will prepare them for college coursework. Unlike students at traditional high schools, homeschoolers need to make sure they have a carefully documented transcript that properly delineates the classes they have completed and the grades they have received.

A college-prep program for high school students should include the following:

  • Four credits of English
  • Four credits of math
  • Three or four credits of history
  • Three or four credits of science
  • At least two credits of a foreign language
  • At least one credit of physical education
  • At least one credit of fine arts education
  • Electives such as computer, biblical studies or industrial arts

Each state will mandate different specific credit requirements for high school students, so keep this in mind when choosing what classes to take while homeschooling. As you complete classes, make sure to keep careful records of your grades as you will need to provide a transcript for college application. You can learn more about preparing transcripts from your homeschoolers association, according to the Home School Legal Defense Association.


Homeschoolers are no longer legally required to take a GED in order to get into college, and few colleges will request this. Colleges do want to see ACT, SAT or SAT II scores from all applicants. Your homeschooling curriculum has prepared you well for taking these tests, but it might help to take a few practice tests in advance, especially if you tend to suffer from test anxiety.

College Applications

Many prestigious colleges and universities have begun actively recruiting homeschooled students. However, there are still prejudices against homeschooled students in some admissions departments. This simply means that it is more important for you to put your best foot forward when filling out applications for Christian colleges if you are homeschooled through high school. Most admissions departments pay close attention to admissions essays submitted by homeschooled students. In order to get into the college of your choice, make sure that you take your time to compose the best essays possible, carefully proofread your applications before submission and take pride in the excellent education you have attained as a homeschool student.

In addition to getting the details right on your college applications, you also need to pay careful attention to deadlines. Different colleges have different deadlines for applications and fees. If you have any questions concerning deadlines or other requirements for college admission, ask. The admissions officers at the Christian college you are applying to, will be happy to help you navigate the application process.

If you’ve been homeschooled through high school, you might find it intimidating to apply to traditional institutions of higher learning. However, colleges know that homeschoolers are generally well prepared for completing college degrees. If you wish, you can attend a Christian college if homeschooled.

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