What Jobs are Available With a Degree in Children’s Ministry?

Children's MinistryPrivate and religious institutions of higher learning often offer degrees in various religious fields, and students enrolled in some of these programs often look at the number of jobs available with a children’s ministry degree. These degree shows you the importance of using your religious background to help others and how you can show them the impact your spirituality had on your life. Though many assume that this degree will only qualify you for working in churches, you’ll find many jobs available outside of the church,

Youth Pastor

The head pastor in a church is the one responsible for leading services every week and counseling members of the church. The head pastor usually only has a limited amount of time available, which is why most churches hire youth pastors to work with children. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean annual salary across all pastors is $57,230, but the BLS also found that the top 10 percent earn more than $80,920 a year and the bottom 10 percent earn less than $30,450 a year.

Pediatric Hospital Counselor

One of the jobs available with a children’s ministry degree outside of the church is a pediatric hospital counselor. Pediatric hospitals deal with the treatment of children under the age of 18, and these hospitals treat many major diseases, including cancer and lesser known diseases. Those patients need someone they can turn to and someone they can talk with about their conditions. As a youth counselor, you might use your knowledge of biblical teachings to find passages that might make children feel better. You’ll also spend time encouraging patients to turn to a higher power for help and helping them feel better about themselves.

Bible Teacher

A good bible teacher does more than just talk about different passages and the meaning behind those passages. A good teacher will encourage students to read the bible on their own and come to class with any questions they have. Bible teachers typically work for churches, and they may lead Sunday school classes and work with children in other ways. They help early readers understand what different words they come across mean and how they can use the teachings in the bible in their own lives. Some bible teachers work with the same students year after year.

At Risk Youth Pastor

Some of the jobs available with a children’s ministry degree are in the criminal justice system. At risk youth is a term that applies to groups of kids who are at risk of developing serious problems in life. They are the children who have a higher risk of abusing drugs, drinking and engaging in sexual acts early in life and those at risk of joining gangs and taking part in other criminal activities. At risk youth pastors work in community centers, juvenile detention centers, educational programs and other locations that have a high population of those youths. They help them learn how to make better and healthier decisions in life and how they can turn their lives around.


A children’s ministry degree program prepares you for working with kids of different ages. You can help those kids improve their lives and learn more about religion. Some of the jobs available with a children’s ministry degree you might find include at risk youth and youth pastors, bible teachers and pediatric hospital counselors.

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