5 Top Careers in Education

5 Best Education Careers

  • K-12 Teacher
  • Instructional Coordinator
  • Special Education Teacher
  • School Administrators
  • College Professor

With teachers generally in high demand, those interested in this field have several options among the top careers in education. The challenges of teaching each grade level are unique and there are other opportunities in administration and special education. Here are just a few of the good roles in which someone can enjoy a solid career in education.

1. K-12 Teacher

When most people think of jobs they can get as an educator, they think of teaching grades K-12. Because children grow and develop so quickly, working with kindergartners is substantially different from working with fifth graders, as are the differences between middle schoolers and high schoolers. Students wanting to teach K-12 are taught about general teaching practices in addition to specific courses about teaching their desired grade level while pursuing their college degree. Middle and high school teachers typically need a bachelor’s degree in the subject they want to teach in addition to courses in education. Almost all K-12 teachers need to get a teaching certificate from their state.

5 Top Careers in Education

2. Instructional Coordinator

Someone who does not want to work as a teacher might be interested in a role as an instructional coordinator. These professionals both develop and oversee school curriculums and teaching standards. They develop teaching material, put it into practice and then monitor it to determine its effectiveness. This role requires a lot of creativity and a strong understanding of what makes an effective academic curriculum. They can work for schools and school districts of any level, as well as groups that provide educational support services and professional education organizations.

3. Special Education Teacher

Special education teachers work with students who have physical, mental, emotional and learning disabilities that prevent them from thriving in a regular classroom. Some may specialize in working with a particular kind of disability but most work with students who have a wide range of conditions. Working as a special education teacher can often be more challenging than working as a regular teacher but also more rewarding. They are directly responsible for giving students opportunities to succeed when they would not have otherwise.

4. School Administrators

Schools need administrative professionals to ensure they run smoothly and they are usually paid more than teachers, making this one of the top careers in education. Being in administration may involve working as a principal in charge of a particular school or other administrative roles in larger institutions. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a master’s degree is needed to be a lead administrator at a school and they typically have teaching experience first. School administrators can find roles at the college level too, as well as work for entire school districts.

5. College Professor

There is also the option to become a college professor and work in postsecondary education. Students who want to teach at this level will need to earn a master’s degree in their preferred subject at least, with a Ph.D. typically being required. College professors conduct and continue their research into a specific subject while they teach, with publication being desired or even required to remain in their role. The ultimate goal is usually tenure, where a professor cannot be fired without cause, although it can take many years of being on track for tenure before finally achieving it.

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Working in education can be one of the most rewarding experiences possible for the right person. Students hoping to go into this field should consider the top careers in education and find one that’s right for them.