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Degrees Offered at the Knox Theological Seminary

Knox Theological Seminary appears in our ranking of the 30 Best Theological Seminaries in the United States.

The Knox Theological Seminary offers four degree programs and five certificate programs, all of which are open to students who earned a bachelor’s degree. One is a Master of Divinity, which takes three years to complete and is available as a residential program and online. Students take 15 credits of Biblical studies courses, 15 credits of Biblical language classes and 12 credits of theological courses. They’ll also take 21 credits of pastoral classes, including Introduction to Homiletics, The Missional Church and Ministry and the Church. The seminary expects them to do three practicums also.

A Master of Arts (MA) in Biblical and Theological Studies takes two years to complete and includes 60 credits. Both online and residential students take the same courses, including courses in church history, theology, and pastoral studies. One of the main requirements of the program is an integrative program that gives students the choice between doing fieldwork and a thesis or final project. Christ and the Church, New Testament Survey I, Ancient and Medieval Church History and God and Creation are some of their required classes.

Students spend 18 months in the seminary’s MA in Christian and Classical Studies program, which includes 48 credits. The program features literature courses that let students read ancient works and modern classics in areas such as comedy and tragedy. Classic Epic Literature, Philosophical Foundations, History of Science and Classic Lyric Literature are some of the courses available for majors. Students will also do a thesis and earn three credits. Many thesis projects allow students to compare two works of literature or to compare fictional work to stories from the Bible.

The seminary’s Doctor of Ministry also includes 18 months of work. Students need at least three years of pastoral or related professional experience beyond the graduate level and a master’s degree in divinity or a similar field. Majors can choose from three specializations: biblical preaching and teaching, theological exegesis and gospel in church and culture. Students do not need to pick a specialization though and can instead enroll in a general track within the program. The program includes eight classes and lets students take three of those classes online. Their remaining courses include a one-week intensive session on the Knox Theological Seminary campus. Students must do a final project relating to one of the fields they studied to complete the program.

Each of the seminary’s five certificate programs is available online to meet the needs of pastors and others with full-time jobs. Students can get certificates in theological studies, Biblical studies, Biblical languages, Christian ministry or Christian and classical studies. Most of these programs include 24 credits of classes.

About the Knox Theological Seminary

The Knox Theological Seminary is a private and independent seminary that practices evangelism. D. James Kennedy established the seminary in 1989 and named it after John Knox. Kennedy used some of the teachings he learned while working as a pastor at the Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church. The seminary originally helped students become pastors and teachers who would carry the words of Jesus through the world. Though the seminary was affiliated with Kennedy’s church for several years, it split off to become an independent school. Knox partnered with Logos Bible Software to create a new graduate program in divinity that students could complete online. The seminary now offers nine degree and certificate programs, most of which are available online. Many of the seminary’s students work for their churches while in school.

Knox Theological Seminary Accreditation Details

Knox does not have regional accreditation, which means that students cannot apply for federal or state financial aid. It has national and theological accreditation from the Commission on Accrediting of the Association of Theological Schools (CAATS). This is a large organization that is responsible for accrediting schools in both the United States and Canada.

Knox Theological Seminary Application Requirements

Students applying to the Knox Theological Seminary should contact the admissions department first. This requires filling out a form with their first and last names, a current state, phone number, and home address. The seminary also asks that they pick which program interests them and how much education they have. Students applying to the Master of Divinity program need to name someone within their church who will support them and act as a mentor. Knox will contact that individual to make sure that he or she can help the applicant.

Though most programs require that the student have a bachelor’s degree, the seminary will accept a few students each year who do not have a degree. It requires that those students submit a resume that shows they have several years of experience in a church position. Accepted students may have professional or volunteer experience. Students must pay a $100 application fee and apply online with a personal testimony that explains their calling and reasons for studying at Knox. The seminary also asks for official transcripts and requires that students have letters of recommendation written for them and sent to the school from their references.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Knox charges graduate students $475 per credit hour but drops the price to $425 to students who are 65 or older. Students in any of the school’s certificate programs will pay the same rate. In the doctoral program, the cost rises to $540 per credit hour for most students and $490 for seniors/older students. When doing their final projects, students pay $3,300 in fees. Those accepted by the seminary make a $100 enrollment deposit. The seminary will apply that deposit to the costs they have in the first semester of a program.

Multiple payment plans are available for students, including one that lets them pay an equal amount each month plus a $25 service fee. The seminary’s savings plan allows students to pay months or years before they start their classes to reduce how much they will owe later. A church partnership program divides the cost of attendance into three parts. Students are responsible for paying one-third of the amount due, but Know will divide the remainder between the seminary and the student’s church. Some students also receive scholarships and other funding from the school and/or borrow money through alternative loan programs. The Knox Theological Seminary offers financial aid packages for students in all the available degree programs.

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