5 Career Options with a Master’s of Arts in Christian Ministry

5 Possible Careers with a Master’s of Arts in Christian Ministry

  • Scholar
  • Counselor
  • Program Director
  • Education Administrator
  • Church Administrator

In recent years, the worlds of Christian ministry and academia have found a way to put aside socially constructed differences and join forces. This union has forged advanced degrees and professional paths for academically-oriented Christian students. Here are five exciting career options available with a Master’s of Arts in Christian Ministry.

1. Scholar

For future students to continue learning about the Christian faith in the way that you have, someone is going to need to carry the torch of research and teach them about the findings. If you enjoy pondering big questions about the Christian faith and its role in our modern lives and communicating information to others, consider a career as a scholar at a Christian college or university. You would spend your days conducting research and teaching courses.

2. Counselor

Perhaps you are more passionate about helping people one on one. You enjoy hearing their stories and using what you know about people and the Christian faith to help them overcome obstacles and be their best selves. You could make the perfect counselor. Many churches, Christian schools, and faith-based community centers offer positions for individuals with a master’s degree without requiring a specific mental health practitioner’s license. In some circles, counseling and faith seem to contradict each other, but this article by Forbes highlights the ways that religion might contribute to overall better psychical and emotional wellbeing.

3. Program Director

If you have ever been on a mission trip, attended a Christian camp, or participated in a faith-based group or large event, you can imagine the amount of work that goes into planning it. Someone has to be in charge of that, and that someone likely has something resembling a master’s degree in Christian Ministry. If you enjoy planning and executing programs, projects, and events you should consider a career as a program director at a church, camp, missionary, or any other faith-based organization.

4. Education Administrator

From preschools through universities, all Christian academic institutions are run by a team of administrative professionals. Principles and deans, academic advisers, and curriculum developers are just a few of the positions available within this field. What they all have in common is the requirement of an advanced academic degree and knowledge of the Christian faith and how it influences the education system. A master’s degree in Christian Ministry would serve as a door to this field, especially if you take electives in Christian education.

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5. Church Administrator

Just as administrative staff members are running the show behind the scenes of schools, so is there a team doing the same behind the scenes of churches. Every church has staff who manage the finances, oversee the election of clergy, manage the various fellowship groups and initiatives, and guide the preparation and execution of events. If you enjoy this kind of organizational and directive responsibilities and envision yourself working in the church setting, this is a great option that also requires master’s level experience and knowledge.

Earning a Master’s of Arts in Christian Ministry does not limit your career choices to Christian minister. While you can follow the path toward ministry, your master’s degree also opens doors to several other career paths. The main difference is that you will learn how to carry out your daily work through the lens of your faith. There is a career to fit all professional interests and personal strengths.