What Is the Average Cost to Attend a Christian College?

Cost to Attend Christian CollegeThe cost to attend Christian college increases every year at the same rate as other public and private universities do. Public colleges receive funding from the government, which helps keep costs down, but private schools use tuition as their primary source of funding. As Christian colleges typically cannot accept money from the government, you will usually find that attending one of these institutions costs more than attending a public college would.

Average Cost of College

According to Allie Bidwell of U.S. News & World Report, the average cost of attending a four-year public university is $8,893, while the cost of attending a private university is $30,090. These figures represent a high growth from previous years. The cost of attending a private college increased by nearly four-percent from 2012 to 2013, and it appears as though those prices will continue rising in the coming years. Public colleges remained lucrative even during the recession, because those schools accepted funds from the government. Even though public schools make only a small amount of money on each student who attends classes, those schools still make enough to remain open.

Christian College Costs

The average cost to attend a Christian college often depends on the size of the college. Smaller colleges manage to keep costs down because those schools spend less money on professor salaries and maintenance costs. Some of the top smaller Christian schools charge $2,000 or less per semester, and students can take a full course load for that low fee. Larger private Christian colleges have higher operating costs, which causes the cost of tuition to rise. At some of the top schools in the country, students pay $30,000 or more per year.

Room and Board

When comparing the cost of public vs. private schools, you also need to factor in the cost of room and board. Most schools give you the choice between different types of rooms. Living in a single dorm room will usually cost more than living in a room with two or three other people, and dorm rooms are often less expensive than apartments and suites. Most colleges charge around $1,800 to $2,500 per semester for room and board, and this often includes the cost of a meal plan. Some meal plans give you two or three meals per day, while other meal plans give you a set number of meals that you can use throughout the week. If you want to live off campus, your costs will decrease or increase based on where you live.

Other Fees

The cost to attend a Christian college doesn’t end when you pay your room, board and tuition. Most schools include additional fees that you need to pay when you enroll in classes. You might pay a small fee to use the gym or fitness center on campus, a technology fee to use the Internet on campus and a health services fee to use the campus health center. Depending on the classes you take, you might face some laboratory or other additional fees as well.


Attending college can cost anywhere from $2,000 a semester to $30,000 a year, but that figure only represents your tuition. By the time you factor in the cost of books, miscellaneous fees and room and board, the cost to attend christian college can rise significantly.

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