Christian Colleges in North Dakota

Details about North Dakota Christian Colleges

Bible Colleges in North Dakota offer faith-based education to students looking to pursue their higher education in a Christ-centered learning environment. Many North Dakota Christian Colleges offer traditional majors such as business, science, mathematics, and humanities, but a lot also offer religious programs like biblical studies and ministry. Trinity Bible College and the University of Mary are examples of North Dakota Bible Colleges. Trinity Bible College is a biblically-based institution of higher learning and it is committed to providing Christ-centered Pentecostal education to prepare students for ministry and service in other fields. It offers undergraduate programs at the certificate, associate degree, and bachelor’s degree levels in various fields such as biblical studies, children’s ministry, business administration, education, and coaching. The University of Mary is a Catholic institution that is committed to serving the academic, religious, and cultural needs of the region. It offers 52 undergraduate majors, eight master’s degrees, and one doctoral program. There are also Online Christian Colleges in North Dakota.

North Dakota Online Christian College, Financial Aid, and Scholarships

Some Bible Colleges in North Dakota offer accredited online programs to meet the needs of students seeking a more flexible way of completing their post-secondary education. Online Christian Colleges offer a variety of courses and complete programs that students can access from anywhere with a connection to the Internet. The courses commonly feature multimedia presentations, discussion forums, and chat. The University of Mary is a top Christian institution that offers undergraduate and graduate degrees online such as accounting, business, nursing, and education. The state of North Dakota funds various financial aid programs to assist students in paying for their higher education. Examples of state-funded financial aid in North Dakota include the North Dakota State Student Incentive Grant Program and North Dakota Scholars Program. The North Dakota Scholars Program is intended for the best high school graduates. There are also scholarships available for individuals attending North Dakota Christian Colleges like the United Church of Christ Scholarship.

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