Job Opportunities With a Christian Degree

job opportunities with christian degree

Today’s Christian colleges offer degrees in nearly every field secular colleges do – from animation to zoology, a Christian education allows the student to incorporate a biblical worldview into their studies, helping them serve God in whatever field they’re called to. However, the core of the Christian educational system continues to be Christian-specific jobs, and landing one of these jobs can require anything from a certificate to a bachelor’s degree. Here are some popular Christian jobs and the level of education usually expected for them.


The most popular Christian major, and the most controversial, is preaching. While studying public speaking and biblical context are important factors in preaching to the best of your ability, there is also concern about preaching being treated like any other job when it is a very specific calling. A Christian can preach at any age with any level of experience, but a four-year degree in pastoral studies helps build practical skills. Many degrees for preachers also teach church planting, non-profiteering, and other business practices to help make a growing church more frugal.


Missionary work can be anything from building homes in a third world country to talking about the gospel in your own backyard – the most important trait for a missionary to have is to understand the culture and values of those they are evangelizing to. Many Christian colleges offer associates degrees in missionary work, focusing on foreign relations and practical skills used in the missionary field. If you want to be a missionary and feel called to a specific country, another option is getting a degree in the country’s main language. Learning a language is challenging, and takes longer than a basic missionary degree, but most students find it easier to get other forms of training on-the-job once they know how to communicate.

Worship Leaders

Worship leaders are usually the singers for their musical groups in contemporary worship, or the conductors of traditional choirs. Depending on whether you’re working with a small band or a large orchestra, a worship leader can have any level of training from being completely self-taught to a 4-year-degree in music. Consider the kind of worship you want to lead along with your current skill-set. Christian colleges often offer 2-year-degrees specifically for worship leaders.

Bible Study

If you feel called to work in the church, but are unsure where, a solid Biblical foundation never hurt anyone. Christian colleges offer degrees of all levels in biblical studies – you can even return to college to receive a master’s degree and put a biblical twist on your current career. Many Christian writers find this degree extremely helpful, as it usually also involves studying a lot of Christian literature.

Never forget, God is greater than any educational institution. John the Baptist never went to college, and neither have many other iconic Christian personalities. On the flip-side, God may call you to study for longer than many others because He has a specific plan for you. As you work on your Christian education, be open to change and discovery.

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