Do Christian Colleges Include Education About Other Religions?

christian colleges and other religions

A Christian college may take a theological approach to teaching secular subjects, but it is still possible for students to learn about other religions while getting their college degree. If you are comparing the differences between secular colleges and Christian colleges, it is important that you learn what types of classes you can take in each. As a Christian student pursuing a college education, your choice to express your faith while you earn your degree should not restrict you from access to broadening your knowledge on certain areas of studies. Read on, and learn about the difference between class offering when you attend a Christian institution as opposed to a secular one.

What is the Purpose of Education?

The purpose of education between Christian and public schools is very different. When you study for your formal degree at a secular institution, the purpose or objective of the program is to prepare you for a society where all choices and lifestyles are accepted. When you attend a Christian institution, the purpose is to prepare students for the Kingdom of God so that they are equipped to spread the Gospel. This is why the content of a Christian program is to teach life based on the certainties that are found in God’s Word instead of focusing on humanism like a public secular program does.

What Types of Courses Can You Take at Religious Colleges vs. Secular Colleges?

You can major in a variety of different fields when you attend either a Christian or a secular school. While many of the same majors are available, the curriculum availability may be limited when you are taking your degree at a religious school. Since the primary focus of a program that is theological-based is to teach the Word of God, anything that you learn about other religions within the school will be focused on negatives rather presenting any type of historical value. The curriculum will have a heavy emphasis on faith and how the Word of God is the absolute truth. This is why many believers will choose to send their children to secular schools so that they can learn about science or other subject areas.

When is Attending a Christian School the Right Option?

Some prefer to attend Christian colleges because of the culture at the school and the fact that the concern is first with God. If you would like your higher education to be focused on God first and things last, this may be the right type of program for you. The God-centered programs can help you prepare for a variety of professions, but you should know what to expect before enrolling. Those who want to immerse themselves in different subject areas and learn new perspectives may not be a good fit for a faith-based university.

Contrary to popular belief, most colleges welcome all applicants even if they are not actually Christians. While you may be accepted in the school, you must agree that you will accept the curriculum requirements and the lifestyle requirements when you enroll in classes. If you want to pursue your degree but you want the content to be faith-based without focusing on other religions, attending a Christian college could be the right choice for you to expand your knowledge while still staying true to your religious beliefs and morals.