Can I Get a Degree in Psychology from a Christian College?

Can I Get a Degree in Psychology from a Christian College

Many students seeking degrees in counseling wish to get a degree in psychology from a Christian college. A lot of religious schools provide bachelor’s degree programs in psychology, and several of them also offer continuing education, including master’s programs and doctorates in clinical psychology. The program you choose will be based on a number of key factors.

Accreditation and Licensure

When choosing any degree program at a Christian college or university, it’s important to check the program’s accreditation. Most Christian colleges have accredited undergraduate programs in psychology, and you can visit schools, browse online, and get literature about the schools and their psychology programs.

In order to practice in most fields of psychology, you will need at least a master’s degree. Master’s programs vary greatly depending on the school as well as regional licensing requirements. When searching for the right graduate degree in psychology, you should look for programs accredited by the American Psychological Association. Many Christian schools have accredited master’s and doctoral programs. These programs will provide the most up-to-date and relevant education. Also, make sure that your chosen degree program meets local requirements for licensure in the state where you plan to practice psychology or counseling.


Undergraduate degrees in psychology from Christian colleges are similar across the board. Graduate programs, however, vary greatly. For example, a master’s degree in pastoral counseling will be far different from a master’s program in clinical psychology or research and development. Before choosing a degree program, take the time to decide what specialization you want to pursue.

Students of psychology take a variety of different educational paths. Many students will choose a Christian college for undergraduate work and then apply to a secular degree program for graduate studies. Others prefer to do their graduate work at Christian institutions as well. Many of the graduate programs in psychology available at Christian institutions require some theological studies as well as core educational classes.


Psychology degree programs can be very competitive. When choosing a graduate degree program, you may need to apply to several different Christian schools in order to get into a program. You can learn more about the number of applicants and acceptance into each program by researching the schools where you are interested in attending. If you apply to several programs and don’t get accepted right away, don’t get discouraged. Simply continue studying and apply again the next school year. Many of the best Christian psychology degree programs have limited enrollment just like many secular graduate programs.

You can get an excellent education in psychology at many Christian schools. Before choosing an undergraduate or graduate program, take the time to research available programs. Then apply to the school of your choice. Remember, if your preferred program has tough enrollment limits, you may wish to apply to more than one program in order to gain acceptance. Then you’ll be on your way to get a degree in psychology from a Christian college.

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