Do I Need A Degree in Education to Homeschool?

HomeschoolingDeciding to homeschool a child is probably one of the most important parenting decisions that one could make. Many parents think that just because they do not have a degree in education that they cannot let their children participate in a homeschool program. The truth is that a parent does not necessarily have to possess a degree in order to homeschool their children. In fact, there are many ways around having a degree that one can let his/her children participate in the homeschooling programs offered by each state.

G.E.D. or Diploma Required

While most states abide by the same homeschooling rules, some states do not. Many states require that the parent responsible for the child’s education hold a high school diploma or a G.E.D. The parent has to have that diploma or certification in order to simply help a child with his/her homework. Because most schools offer online teaching nowadays, many of them are willing to negotiate on whether the parent needs qualifications or not.

When a Degree is Required

A degree is required when a parent is not able to provide a valid diploma or G.E.D. certification. The degree does not have to be an educational degree, but the person holding the degree must supervise all classroom activities and sessions. Most states require this, because there are many instances where the parent or supervisor must explain to or teach a child the lesson. If the parent does not possess the knowledge, the supervisor can take over the lesson without confusing the student.

The Importance of Educating the Child

The child’s education is the number one priority in the homeschooling program, but there are other factors that apply to a child’s success in the homeschooling program. Children are supposed to be well-rounded and well-established in social environments as well as being able to perform in the traditional classroom. Giving the child opportunities to interact with peers and participate in extra-curricular activities is an essential part in homeschooling a child.

The Total Package

When homeschooling a child, it is important to provide the total package for that child. Make sure that the child has a proper education, has proper socialization and has proper parenting, and that will ensure that the child is successful in the homeschooling program. For more information about ways to make your child successful in a homeschooling environment, visit the Ohio Department of Education website.

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Homeschooling a child has never been said to be an easy task, but in the right environments it is a very fulfilling and successful way to educate a child. While there are many skeptics, there are also many people who swear by the success that they have had with the homeschooling programs. Children need someone to teach them the basics, but a degree is not everything. Having a degree simply exemplifies a child’s ability to succeed, but it does not total a child’s succession rate. If you do not have a degree in education, homeschooling could still be the right path for you and your child.